Music Admissions - Graduate

For information about specific Graduate Music programs, see

To apply to a program, follow the steps below:

  1. WMU Application: Complete a Graduate Admissions Application to Western Michigan University by February 1. Please upload an unofficial copy of your transcript from your undergraduate school(s) as part of the application and follow the university’s instructions for submitting an official transcript directly from your institution to  For the three letters of recommendation, submit a recommenders’ list with your application. Your recommenders will be automatically notified, and their recommendations will be attached to your WMU application. Once you complete the WMU application and receive your Western Identification Number (WIN), you are requested to fill out also the Music Form. This additional form allows you to provide more detailed information about your music background and, if appropriate, to apply for a graduate assistantship.

  1. Graduate Assistantships: If you would like to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship, please indicate this on the music form in your WMU Application. Not all GA positions are available each year, so check with the appropriate faculty for availability. More information is available on the graduate assistantships web page.

  1. International Students: International students should begin their application at the International Admissions and Services website.

  1. Audition/Interview/Portfolio:  For most studios, you will be expected to submit video recordings and/or a portfolio in advance of a live or online audition time: 

  • Composition: a portfolio of three to four completed scores and recordings (if available). See Composition/Apply.
  • Conducting: a pre-screening video.
  • Master of Arts: portfolio of three scholarly papers.
  • Music Therapy:    
  1. Earned baccalaureate degree in music therapy
  2. Complete a preliminary exam in functional piano, music history, and music theory
  3. No GRE scores or formal audition are required as part of the application process     

To apply, candidates must complete a graduate WMU university application, a supplemental WMU School of Music application, and an interview with a faculty member.

  • Performance: arrange an audition directly with the appropriate studio faculty member (before February 15).

Some studios may use video submissions for pre-screening purposes (e.g., conducting) before scheduling live auditions. Contact the appropriate faculty member directly for more detailed information.

If required by your degree to submit a portfolio, please do as follows: 

You must zip all your materials into a single file. Name that file “LastName_FirstName_DegreeYouAreApplyingTo.” If you are applying for more than one degree, you type more than one degree name, e.g. “Mozart_Paul_Education and” If you have an issue zipping a file, you can visit this page:

 Upload your portfolio to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or another online file hosting service and provide the link in your application form (you will be prompted to do it). Set the permissions such that anyone with the link can access the material. If you use an expiring link, make sure it doesn’t expire until two months after your interview or audition date.  

 If you are unsure whom to contact or have additional questions, please contact Cristina Fava, Graduate Coordinator, at