Music Admissions

Undergraduate: How to apply

  • WMU Application: Submit a general application to Western Michigan University:
    Within the university application, after selecting a major, please use the "Fine Arts Interest Area" to indicate your primary instrument or specialization within Music. If you are considering more than one major in Music, you still need only one WMU application.
  • Music Application: All prospective undergraduate students must attend a New Student Admission Day. To register for a specific date, you must submit a Music Application Form in which you will be asked to provide detailed information about your preferred major and musical background. If you wish to apply for more than one major within Music, you should submit separate Music Applications for each (since you will be prompted for different information). Applicants who live more than 300 miles from Kalamazoo and are unable to attend in person, should select our virtual event on February 24. 
  • Video/Portfolio Submission: All MAT and Composition applicants will be required to submit an interview portfolio at least one week before your scheduled NSAD. Performance studios welcome pre-NSAD audition videos, but most do not require them. These are not intended as pre-screening auditions; they are to supplement the live audition (i.e., you will not be eliminated on the basis of your video). This does not need to be a professional recording, but if you have an external microphone, the quality of the audio will probably be better. If you are sending a video, they should arrive at least a week before your scheduled NSAD to allow time for faculty to view them in advance. However, if you are having any difficulties making a recording, please contact us for help. Instructions for how to submit these are available at our Music Submissions website. In addition to your files, you will also need to submit a WMU Music Submissions Contents form.

New Student Admission Days

  • For spring 2023 admission
    Friday, Nov. 4, 2022
  • For fall 2023 admission
    Friday, Jan. 27, 2023 (on campus)
    Saturday, Feb. 4, 2023 (on campus)
    Friday, Feb. 17, 2023 (on campus)
    Friday, Feb. 24, 2023 (virtual)
  • To guarantee a place on the schedule, applications must be received at least 2 weeks before your desired NSAD date. Changes may not be possible within 7 days of a given NSAD.

Ugrd Music Application

Before you can be admitted to any music program (BA, BMA, BM or BS), you must complete our audition/interview and testing program on one of the dates indicated above. This is a full-day event that is currently scheduled to take place on campus in person (except for February 24, which is online). For most degrees, you will be required to submit a video and/or portfolio due at least a week before NSAD, and then will have live, in-person events on the specific date. (If health conditions change, we will return to virtual NSAD events.) For more specific information about the admissions requirements for your major, see Academics / Undergraduate and Admissions Requirements.  You must audition and/or interview in November, January, or February to ensure entrance and scholarship consideration.  Programs and studios are limited in the number of students that may be accepted. Admission is highly competitive. Students may apply a maximum of two times for any program or studio.    

Graduate: How to apply

  • WMU Application: Complete a Graduate Admissions Application to Western Michigan University. For general information about WMU's Graduate College, visit the Future Students website. International students should begin at the International Admissions and Services website. 
  • Music Application: There is a separate Graduate Music and Assistantship Application form due by December 1 for conducting applicants and by February 1 for other degrees.  If you would like to be considered for a Graduate Assistantship, please indicate this on the form. 
  • Audition/Interview/Portfolio: Within the School of Music, you will be required to complete an audition and/or submit a portfolio of documents as appropriate to your intended degree and area of concentration. These should be arranged by the applicant with the appropriate faculty member from your intended area of study.

Grad Music Application

Weather information

Currently, all admission events will be held in person, except for an online NSAD on February 24. In the unlikely event that weather forces WMU to close, the School of Music auditions will need to be canceled. Information on the University's status may be found at or by calling (269) 387-1001. Information on the status of School of Music auditions will be available at (269) 387-4672.


For questions regarding Undergraduate admissions contact the Music Undergraduate Advisor,, (269) 387-4672.

Make An Advising Appointment

For questions regarding Graduate admissions contact the Music Graduate Coordinator, or (269) 387-4672.