Photo of Keith Kothman
(269) 387-4671
Photo of Kim Adams
Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities
(269) 387-4715
Photo of Richard Adams
Professor, Composition/Theory
(269) 387-4289
Photo of Lin Baird
Professor, Horn
(269) 387-4692
Photo of David Bernard
Concerts Assistant
(269) 387-4678
Photo of Christopher Biggs
Associate Professor, Composition
(269) 387-4716
Photo of Scott Boerma
Director of Bands, Professor of Music
(269) 387-4703
Photo of Ellen Breakfield-Glick
Assistant Professor, Clarinet
(269) 387-4695
Photo of Deanna Bush
Faculty Specialist, Music Therapy
(269) 387-2836
Photo of Jacob Cameron
Associate Professor, Tuba
(269) 387-4698
Photo of John Campos
Instructor, Live Sound and Recording
(269) 387-4720
Instructor, Music Theory
Photo of David Loberg Code
Associate Director
(269) 387-4672
Photo of David Colson
Professor, Theory/Composition
(269) 387-4691
Photo of Lisa Coons
Associate Professor, Composition
(269) 387-2549
Photo of Martha Councell-Vargas
Associate Professor, Flute
(269) 387-4697
Instructor, Voice
Photo of Scott Cowan
Professor, Jazz Brass, Jazz Studies
(269) 387-3904
Photo of Cristina Fava
Assistant Professor, Musicology
(269) 387-4628
Photo of Igor Fedotov
Professor, Viola
(269) 387-4638
Photo of Jennifer Fiore
Associate Professor, Music Therapy
(269) 387-4724
Photo of Matthew Fries
Assistant Professor, Jazz Piano, Jazz Studies
Photo of Dee Gauthier
Professor Emerita
(269) 387-4686
Photo of Keith Hall
Assistant Professor, Jazz Drum Set, Jazz Studies
Photo of Trey Harris
Associate Director of Bands
(269) 387-4702
Photo of John Hébert
Instructor, Jazz Studies
(269) 387-4710
Photo of Michael Hovnanian
Instructor, Double Bass
Photo of Dan Jacobson
Professor, Music History and Theory, General Education
(269) 387-4685
Photo of Greg Jasperse
Associate Professor, Applied Jazz Voice, Gold Company
(269) 387-4689
Advising Assistant
(269) 387-4672
Photo of Lauron Jockwig Kehrer
Assistant Professor, Ethno/Musicology
Photo of Marja Kerney
Instructor, Percussion
Photo of Karen Kness
Associate Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4667
Photo of Andrew Koehler
Photo of Mary Kothman
Instructor, Violin
Photo of Rick Land
Instructor, Music Education
Photo of Mary Land
Associate Professor, Music Education
(269) 387-4723
Photo of Matt Landon
Instructor, Guitar
Photo of David Lisker
Assistant Professor, Violin
(269) 387-4711
Photo of Julie Evans Little
Master Faculty Specialist, Theory Fundamentals and Aural Skills
(269) 387-4294
Photo of Jessica Masse
Piano Technician
(269) 387-4722
Photo of Austin McWilliams
Instructor, Choral Activities
(573) 712-6316
Photo of Judy Moonert
Professor Emerita, Percussion
(269) 387-4687
Photo of Deb O'Keefe
Budget Analyst
(269) 387-4677
Photo of Rhea Olivaccé
Assistant Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4751
Photo of Marilyn Ossentjuk
Instructor, Organ
Photo of Ariel Palau
Academic Advisor
(269) 387-4672
Photo of Ken Prewitt
Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4714
Photo of Andrew Rathbun
Associate Professor, Saxophone and Jazz Studies
(269) 387-4693
Photo of Carl Ratner
Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4706
Photo of Carter J. Rice
Assistant Professor, Multimedia Arts Technology
(269) 387-4691
Photo of Wendy Rose
Professor, Bassoon
(269) 387-4694
Photo of Ed Roth
Professor, Music Therapy
(269) 387-5415
Photo of Henning Schröder
Instructor, Saxophone
Administrative Assistant, Music Therapy Clinic
(269) 387-4679
Photo of Lori Sims
Professor, Piano
(269) 387-4705
Photo of Ken Smith
Associate Professor, Music Education, Technology
(269) 387-4621
Photo of Yu-Lien The
Assistant Professor, Keyboard Studies
(269) 387-4671
Photo of Scott Thornburg
Professor, Trumpet
(269) 387-4701
Photo of Bruce Uchimura
Professor, Cello, Orchestra
(269) 387-4708
Photo of Kevin West
Director of Concerts
(269) 387-4681
Photo of Robert White
Associate Professor, Trumpet
(269) 387-4700
Photo of Steve Wolfinbarger
Professor, Trombone
(269) 387-4699