Photo of Scott Irelan
Interim Director
(269) 387-4671
Photo of Kim Adams
Associate Professor, Director of Choral Activities
(269) 387-4715
Photo of Richard Adams
Professor, Composition/Theory
(269) 387-4289
Photo of Lin Baird
Professor, Horn
(269) 387-4692
Photo of Jacob Berglin
Assistant Professor of Music Education
(269) 387-2836
Photo of Christopher Biggs
Associate Professor, Composition
(269) 387-4716
Photo of Scott Boerma
Director of Bands, Professor of Music
(269) 387-4703
Photo of Ellen Breakfield-Glick
Assistant Professor, Clarinet
(269) 387-4695
Photo of Tré Bryant
Concerts Assistant
(269) 387-4678
Photo of Deanna Bush
Faculty Specialist, Music Therapy
(269) 387-2836
Photo of John Campos
Instructor, Live Sound and Recording
(269) 387-4720
Photo of Emanuel-Cristian Caraman
Assistant Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4714
Photo of David Loberg Code
Professor, Technology/Theory
(269) 387-4672
Photo of David Colson
Professor, Theory/Composition
(269) 387-4671
Photo of Lisa Coons
Associate Professor, Composition
(269) 387-2549
Photo of Martha Councell-Vargas
Professor, Flute
(269) 387-4697
Photo of Elizabeth Cowan
Instructor, Voice
Photo of Scott Cowan
Professor, Jazz Brass, Jazz Studies
(269) 387-3904
Photo of Carlo De Rosa
Assistant Professor of Bass
Photo of Cristina Fava
Associate Professor, Musicology; Graduate Coordinator
(269) 387-4628
Photo of Igor Fedotov
Professor, Viola
(269) 387-4638
Photo of Jennifer Fiore
Associate Professor, Music Therapy
(269) 387-4724
Photo of Matthew Fries
Assistant Professor, Jazz Piano, Jazz Studies
Photo of Keith Hall
Associate Professor, Jazz Drum Set, Jazz Studies
Photo of Trey Harris
Associate Director of Bands
(269) 387-4702
Photo of Michael Hovnanian
Instructor, Double Bass
Photo of Dan Jacobson
Professor, Music History and Theory, General Education
(269) 387-4685
Photo of Greg Jasperse
Associate Professor, Applied Jazz Voice, Gold Company
(269) 387-4689
Photo of Rebecca Kasambizya
Advising Assistant
(269) 387-4672
Photo of Lauron Jockwig Kehrer
Assistant Professor, Ethno/Musicology
Photo of Marja Kerney
Faculty Specialist/Lecturer, Percussion
Photo of Karen Kness
Associate Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4667
Photo of Keith Kothman
Professor, Composition
(269) 387-4660
Photo of Mary Kothman
Instructor, Violin
Photo of Mary Land
Associate Professor, Music Education
(269) 387-4723
Photo of Matt Landon
Instructor, Guitar
Photo of Julie Evans Little
Master Faculty Specialist, Theory Fundamentals and Aural Skills
(269) 387-4294
Photo of Jessica Masse
Piano Technician
(269) 387-4722
Photo of David Mercedes
Faculty Specialist/Lecturer, Tuba/Euphonium
Photo of Rhea Olivaccé
Assistant Professor, Voice
(269) 387-4751
Photo of Marilyn Ossentjuk
Instructor, Organ
Photo of Jeremiah Quarles
Faculty Specialist/Lecturer, Oboe
Photo of Andrew Rathbun
Associate Professor, Saxophone and Jazz Studies
(269) 387-4693
Photo of Carter J. Rice
Assistant Professor, Multimedia Arts Technology
Photo of Wendy Rose
Professor, Bassoon
(269) 387-4694
Photo of Ed Roth
Carmel Provencal Distinguished Director and Professor of Music Therapy
(269) 387-5415
Photo of Henning Schröder
Instructor, Saxophone
Administrative Assistant, Music Therapy Clinic
(269) 387-4679
Photo of Lori Sims
Professor of Piano
(269) 387-4705
Photo of Ken Smith
Associate Professor, Music Education, Technology
(269) 387-4621
Photo of Laura Souther
Business Manager
(269) 387-4677
Photo of Sophie Tang
Assistant Professor, Violin
(269) 387-4711
Photo of Yu-Lien The
Associate Professor, Keyboard Studies
(269) 387-4671
Photo of Scott Thornburg
Professor, Trumpet
(269) 387-4701
Photo of Bruce Uchimura
Professor, Cello, Orchestra
(269) 387-4708
Photo of Destiny Wallace
Undergraduate Advisor
(269) 387-4672
Photo of Kevin West
Director of Concerts
(269) 387-4681
Photo of Robert White
Associate Professor, Trumpet
(269) 387-4700
Photo of Steve Wolfinbarger
Professor, Trombone
(269) 387-4699