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Student Forms AND Information

Contact Destiny Wallace for Undergraduate Advising (269)-387-4672


KEYS for Music Majors, Non-Music Majors and Music Minors: 

  1. First-time key renters will need to fill out the following form and pay the key rental fee prior to being given a key: this process will only be required ONCE during your time at WMU so long as your contact information does not change. 
    You'll only need to do this once during your time at WMU

  1.  Non-Music Majors and Music Minors will need to send a copy of schedule confirming applied lessons or ensemble participation at the School of Music to

  2. Keys for rooms such as the large instrument room, the "reed" room and the harpsichord room can be obtained by having a professor email approval to If you have not already filled out a key rental form and paid the fee, you will need to do both before you can get a special room key. 
  3. Music Maestros may obtain keys by simply filling out the key rental form. No fee will be attached unless the key is lost.
  4. PAYMENT LINK here
  5. You will receive an email when your key is ready to pick up. 



1. Since locker space is limited, prompt payment is encouraged to secure your rental. As well, large instruments will be given priority to receive large lockers. 

2. RENTAL FEE paid here 

3. You will receive an email with instructions once your lock/locker is ready. Please note that there is a deadline to claim your locker once rented: unclaimed locks and lockers will be rented to the next person on the waitlist if the deadline passes. 



1. Fill out the student section of this pdf, then save.

2. Send the saved copy to your instructor for permission and a signature.

3. Send to the email address on the form.

4. Instrument control will then contact you with information on how to retrieve your instrument. 


MAT Room Access:

1. For access to MAT rooms, you'll need both your instructor's permission and to pay the $5 semester fee. This fee covers ALL rooms that you are authorized to use during the semester and please allow 2-3 business days after paying for access to be assigned. We request that you submit payment through our online store

Other needs:


 SCHOOL OF MUSIC STUDENT suggestion or concern form