Formal Student Complaint Form

Western Michigan University is devoted to your success and happiness as a Bronco. Whether you're in Kalamazoo, studying abroad, Punta Gorda, or enrolled in one of our other Extended University Programs, WMU is here to assist you with any complaints, concerns, or problems you may encounter as a student. The university is also required by the federal government to track student complaints in order to monitor and evaluate the processes in order to make institutional improvements.

Before filing a complaint through the form below, consider this official definition of a complaint as you decide whether to use this form:

Any concern that WMU has violated a law, policy or incorrectly applied an established practice. Complaints may be academic or non-academic in nature. Complaints do not supersede or replace misconduct or grievance procedures already in place. 

Further, take note of these more specific complaint procedures and forms that may be applicable to your situation:

Note: this form should only be used as a last resort. The University strongly encourages students to try and resolve their complaints directly with individual units (offices, departments, programs) before filling out this form. If an issue has not been resolved in a timely matter, or you are uncomfortable trying to resolve the problem on your own, you are welcome to report it here.

Submit a Complaint

Note: Any student may make an anonymous report without disclosing their name, identifying the parties involved, or requesting any action. An anonymous submission of a complaint may limit the University’s ability to respond or take further action and will be taken as a "report only" complaint.

(Please know that it can be difficult to resolve complaints if involved persons cannot be asked to explain or respond to your complaint. Retaliation of any kind is strictly prohibited and should be reported.)
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