Scholarships and grants in music are awarded each year by the School of Music. Awards are made on the basis of musical talent and/or scholastic achievement. New students are eligible for consideration for these stipends at the time of their audition for admission to the music curriculum. Currently enrolled students apply and audition for awards and renewal of awards during the spring semester.

The School of Music is fortunate to have a number of named scholarships entrusted to us by generous alumni, emeriti, and friends. Named scholarships are awarded based on student performance and faculty nomination; students cannot apply for these scholarships.

  • KSO/WMU Artist Scholar
  • Rhea Yeager Fetzer Scholar
  • Sam B. & Ethel G. Adams Scholar
  • Russell Brown Scholar
  • Leonard Meretta Scholar
  • Herbert Butler Scholar
  • H. Glenn Henderson Scholar
  • Julius & Esther Stulberg Scholar
  • Carroll Haas Scholar
  • Michael Listiak Scholar
  • Theodore Presser Scholar
  • Beulah & Harold McKee Scholar
  • Harper C. Maybee Scholar
  • Tucky & Charles Elliott Scholar
  • Audrey Davidson Scholar
  • John & Patricia Schaefer Scholar
  • Carol & Donald Coggan Scholar
  • William & Fiona Denny Scholar
  • Douglas & Nancy Roosa Scholar
  • Faye Ann Luscombe Scholar
  • Phyllis Rappeport Accompanying Scholar
  • Phyllis Rappeport Excellence in Accompanying Scholar
  • Joyce Zastrow Scholar
  • Horace & Mary Adams Trumpet Scholar
  • Robert Whaley Scholar
  • Stuart & Norma Hall Scholar (Music Ed.)
  • Judy & Brendan Bailey Scholar
  • Diana Spradling Vocal Jazz Scholar
  • Trent Kynaston Jazz Saxophone Scholar
  • Elwyn “Doc” Carter Vocal Jazz Scholar
  • Steve Zegree Vocal Jazz Scholar
  • Carol & William Collins Music Therapy Scholar
  • Thomas C. Hardie Choral Conducting Scholar
  • Evelyn Rosen Hart Scholar
  • Mae Arnold Thacker Scholar
  • Elise Kohlenstein Watson Scholar
  • Nancy Monsour-Michael Shubeck College of Fine Arts Distinguished Scholar
  • Harry L. & Anna Gernant Family College of Fine Arts Distinguished Scholar
  • Edwin E. Meader Theatre and Performing Arts Scholar
  • Cornelius Loew Young Artist Scholarship (awarded every fourth year between Art, Dance, Music, and Theatre)

Additionally, the School of Music provides graduate teaching assistantships. Assistantships do require completion of the Music Graduate Application form. Not all assistantships are available each year. More information about graduate music assistantships and how to apply for them is available here.


School of Music scholarships and graduate assistantships are awarded beginning in mid-March. Recipients receive scholarship and/or assistantship acceptance contracts by mail. Recipients must sign and return their contract by the deadline stated in the letter in order to have the award credited to their student account. The School of Music adheres to the National Association of Schools of Music code of ethics for awarding and accepting binding dates.

For more information about other WMU scholarships please click on the links below: