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The Irving S. Gilmore School of Music at Western Michigan University offers a dynamic environment for students to perform, curate and create music from a variety of music traditions, philosophies and cultures. As artists, practitioners and educators, we strive to recognize and uplift humanity through musical expression and intersectionality.

Innovative The Irving S. Gilmore School of Music recognizes and cultivates the exciting frontiers of Performance, Music Therapy, Sound Art, Music Education, Multimedia Arts Technology, and Jazz. We encourage experimentation, diversification and flexibility. 

Inclusive We believe the integrity of our program depends on our attention to the diversity of our voices. 

Connected The Irving S. Gilmore School of Music faculty maintain an exhilarating level of professional activity. Staying contemporary with music trends, charting new territory and contributing to the field of music ensure that our program and degrees maintain the highest currency.  

Stimulating The Irving S. Gilmore School of Music is big enough to provide a full spectrum music education and small enough to afford ample opportunity for all students to participate. The School of Music produces over 800 concerts per year. 

Quality We are an "All Steinway School". This means that all of our pianos are from Steinway & Sons. From the words of Steinway & Sons, "These pianos inspire students to realize their artistic talents, and best prepare them to compete at the highest level in the professional world."



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