Western Success Preparation Bridge Course

  • A group of students on campus during WSP bridge week

 The Alpha Western Success Preparation (WSP) bridge week is an intensive 5 day immersion course that strives to prepare students for their first academic year at WMU. This course takes place one week prior to the kick off of WMU Fall Welcome Week and concludes at the end of the week on Sunday afternoon. 


Students who are selected or apply to participate in WSP will benefit from the following: 

  • Early move-in to your resident hall.
  • Meet and hear from some professors, administrators, and professional staff members at WMU.
  • Build relationships with other WMU students before the start of the semester.
  • Opportunity to plan for your semester with an upper level student mentor.
  • Build an early familiarity with academic buildings and resources on campus.
  • Hear from a financial aid specialist and coaches regarding funding and scholarship opportunities.
  • Receive 1- credit before the start of the academic semester.
  • An opportunity to add your WSP workshop and seminar experiences to you Plan-It-4ward profile. (For more information on Plan-It-4ward click here.)  

Who qualifies to participate in Alpha WSP bridge week?

Selected Alpha students are required to participate in WSP prior to WMU Fall Welcome Week. If you are an Alpha student who has not been selected to participate in WSP but desire to, please contact the Alpha Program director or click here to apply before June 1, 2017.

What will students do during the week?

 The program is a mix of academic sessions led by faculty and staff members from various departments and colleges on campus. Students will participate in math, English, reading, and financial literacy workshops; in addition to academic enhancement skills and career development strategies. Students will also take part in team building activities, discussions about “The Real Life” of a WMU college students and a motivational speaking session conducted by the program director.

How to apply

If you are an Alpha student and have not been selected to participate in this program and would like to be considered for participation, please click here to apply. 

Additional information and accessibility

All meals will be provided either through the dining hall or special catering, but you may want to bring non-perishable snacks, juice, water, etc. for your residence hall room. We strive to make the program accessible for all. If you need accommodations, please contact us at (269) 387-4410 to make arrangements.