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APA- and PSSO-eligible employees gathered on the Grand Tier at Miller Auditorium for an informational meeting.

APA/PSSO Fall Open House

Administrative Professional Association (APA)

Administrative Professional Association members, as a collective whole, provide the strength needed to communicate concerns, develop solutions, as well as explore policies and benefits with the University administration. We are only as effective as we are strong—your membership counts.

Administrative Professional Association members are proud to provide the support, knowledge and expertise that makes Western Michigan University a great institution to both receive an education and to be employed. As an active dues-paying member of the Administrative Professional Association you may take pride in the fact our organization works hard to provide an environment where the value of all WMU employees is acknowledged and recognized.

Membership with the Administrative Professional Association provides opportunities for leadership outside your job parameters through appointed association committees as well as University boards and committees.

In order to support the mission and vision of Western Michigan University, the purpose of the Administrative Professional Association is to:

  • Make a positive contribution to the general welfare and operation of the University.
  • Facilitate a high standard of performance by the professional/administrative staff of the University.
  • Foster collegiality among professional/administrative staff and between professional/administrative staff and other members of the University community.
  • Represent the interests and concerns of professional/administrative staff of the University.
  • Facilitate effective communication between professional/administrative staff and the University administration, other employee groups and students.
  • Foster the professional development, recognition and advancement of its membership.

Constitution and bylaws

The Administrative Professional Association receives input on concerns and issues by periodically surveying its membership. This information is then used as the basis for ongoing forums with the administration in developing solutions to issues vital to both the University and its employees.


The Administrative Professional Association acknowledges WMU's broad definition of diversity approved by the WMU Board of Trustees in 2006 in the Diversity and Multiculturalism Action Plan. APA stands in support of the Western Student Association and its Statement of Solidarity, believe in the leadership of our students, and greatly value the diversity of our community. APA stands in support of the WMU-AAUP Resolution in Solidarity with Western Michigan University Students issued by the WMU chapter of the Association of American University Professors. APA is committed to assuring that our community members feel included, accepted, respected, and empowered, (see DMAP, page 8) in an institution where diversity is practiced, celebrated, affirmed, and vigorously pursued, (DMAP, page 9).