APA/PSSO Action Recommendations for Senior Leadership

2019 Recommendations to the WMU President and Provost

May 2019 memorandum

Background Information

  • The recommendations reflect a joint effort from APA and PSSO on behalf of non-bargaining staff
  • The recommendations are in response to meetings held with Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Bott
  • The recommendations were based on: 1. 2017 APA and PSSO Staff Engagement Survey; 2. 2018 Spring APA membership survey; 3. 2017-18 Collaborative Risk Opportunity Management (CROM) Annual Report; 4. Input from APA and PSSO Executive Boards
  • The work resulted in six areas of recommended action that included a justification and recommended action item(s)

Six Recommended Areas for Action

  1. Increase on-boarding training and on-going professional development for non-bargaining staff and supervisors.
  2. Require training for anyone (internal and external) hired into supervisory roles to refresh or learn leadership skills. This is critical for WMU to foster a culture of transformational leadership during this time of change.
  3. Establish accountability among supervisors regarding employee performance reviews.
  4. Assess critical areas that are understaffed.
  5. Establish a staff council charged with collaborating with university leadership regarding policy changes that affect non-bargaining staff members.
  6. Improve communication, specifically with changes affecting staff.


  • It is the intention of APA and PSSO to meet with senior leadership soon to discuss these items in more detail.
  • Thank you to the Executive Board Members from APA and PSSO, who contributed to drafting, editing and finalizing these recommendations.