PSAW Membership

The Professional Staff Association of Western (formerly the APA) welcomes active membership by those paying modest annual dues.

The current dues rate is $15 per year. Payment can be made via payroll deduction (recommended) or by check payable to APA (until we complete our rebrand transition).

What is your pay schedule?

Membership faqs

Who is eligible for PSAW membership?

Any exempt staff (SCS) at Western Michigan University is eligible for PSAW membership. Complimentary memberships are extended to exempt staff during their first year at Western.

When are dues processed?

For new members, dues will be processed upon receipt of your membership form.

Dues paid by payroll deduction are eligible for auto-renewal. Renewal notices are sent in June before dues are processed in July.

Members paying by check will be contacted for renewal in June, and must submit a membership renewal form and send a check to the PSAW Treasurer.

How are my membership dues used?

Dues support programming and events for members, including our summer and holiday member events and our spring awards luncheon. Dues also support the purchase of supplies for meetings and member recruitment activities. The PSAW Executive Board reviews and approves the use of all funds.

How can I cancel my membership?

Please email your request to

Where can I send a check for my dues?

Please make your check payable to APA and send to our PSAW Treasurer through intercampus mail.

Jennifer Clements
Lee Honors College
Mail Stop 5244