The Administrative Professional Association (APA) Scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students attending Western Michigan University who are children of active and retired members of the APA.

Recipients are selected in a random drawing, announced at the membership meeting in January, and notified shortly after that. The scholarship amount is posted to the recipient's student account the following fall semester. 

Scholarship amount: $500
Deadline for 2025 nominations:  January 15, 2025


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Child or stepchild of an active (i.e., dues-paying) or retiree (i.e., active at the time of retirement) member of APA.
  • Sophomore status or above in the semester of the award (at least 26 hours earned WMU credits).
  • Full-time student at the time of the award.
  • Minimum 2.5 WMU cumulative grade point average at the time of application.
  • Past recipients
    2024Brooke WheatleyChild ofDenise Wheatley
    2024Justin HaywardChild ofJulie Hayward
    2022Nicholas McNeesChild ofAnn McNees
    2022Justin HaywardChild ofJulie Hayward
    2022Emily GabrielChild ofBonnie Gabriel
    2021Cancelled due toCOVID 
    2020Logan WheatleyChild ofDenise Wheatley
    2019Cole WheatleyChild ofDenise Wheatley
    2018Max WicklundChild ofFaith Wicklund
    2017Justin BenjaminChild ofDeborah Benjamin
    2016Ryan BenjaminChild ofDeborah Benjamin
    2016Justin BenjaminChild ofDeborah Benjamin
    2015Ryan BenjaminChild ofDeborah Benjamin
    2014Brandy MorganChild ofBradley Morgan
    2013Ryan BenjaminChild ofDeborah Benjamin
    2012Ashley HarperChild ofSheri Harper
    2012Christopher KurtzChild ofGail Kurtz
    2011Erin PeruchiettiChild ofConnie Peruchietti
    2011Samira ShammasChild ofSamer Shammas
    2010Ian WaltersChild ofMichelle Loedeman
    2010Hans L. AvidlsenChild ofJoe Morrisson
    2010Christopher KurtzChild ofGail Kurtz
    2009Jesse DekkerChild ofJan Dekker
    2009Anna CopelandChild ofDace Copeland
    2008Chelsea KeckChild ofPatricia Keck
    2008Ryan CrawleyChild ofRosanna Metoyer
    2007David HolyszChild ofTimothy Holysz
    2007Anna CopelandChild ofDace Copeland
    2006David HolyszChild ofTimothy Holysz
    2006Amanda O'BryanChild ofJoan O'Bryan
    2005Nicholas StaffordChild ofRuth Hurd
    2004Ryan AsmusChild ofWendy Asmus
    2003Adam C. MintzChild ofDonald L. Mintz
    2002Tessa M. ZiebarthChild ofTeresa (Teri) Ziebarth
    2001Christopher WygantChild ofBetty Wygant
    2000Scott G. MacNellisChild ofPaul MacNellis
    1999Kathryn L. AbtsChild ofHelen Horn
    1996Melanie PearsonChild ofMarcia Ellis

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