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Automotive Systems Lab

WMU’s Automotive Laboratory is a central research and training facility supporting the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences—CEAS—mission of “increasing knowledge through collaborative discovery, teaching and application.” The Automotive Laboratory supports academic and research activities through student engagement, faculty involvement, and active collaboration with industry. The primary technical objective of this laboratory is to advance the transportation industry by supporting current and upcoming technologies through experimental research, testing and validation. 

We welcome opportunities to participate in collaborative, applied automotive research and development.


Automotive Systems Laboratory G-114

  •  5000 square feet.

Engine Dyno Test Cell is 750 square feet

  • Qty. 1—Stuska Model 700 Water Brake Dynamometer
  • The 700 was the predecessor to the 800. The capacity of the 700 is approximately 20 percent less than the 800.

Chassis Dyno Test Cell is 750 square feet

Auto Lab Safety Guide