Creating a Culture of Compliance – Compliance Summit February 28, 2020 @ The Fetzer Center

The video of the presentation on February 28, 2020, as well as all event materials, may be found on the COMPLIANCE SUMMIT RESOURCES link in the sidebar to the left.

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The Compliance Committee is a standing committee devoted to reviewing the compliance strategies of University departments and units and to providing constructive input to improve compliance at the department and unit level. The Committee was formed in August 2018. The ultimate goal of the committee is to monitor University compliance efforts and to create an expectation of compliance and a culture of compliance within the University. The Committee is hopeful that it will be able to launch a comprehensive compliance web site detailing compliance obligations and strategies in Fall 2019. The Committee is currently compiling compliance matrices for University units and departments.

The University has a confidential 'reporting hotline' that may be used to submit complaints, including anonymous complaints. Please see:

The Committee will provide periodic updates on this site regarding its progress.

Origin of Compliance Efforts

Compliance efforts arose from the language in Federal Sentencing Guideline 8B2.1, Effective Compliance and Ethics Program, which was first adopted in 1984. The Sentencing Guidelines provide a framework for determining whether an organization has made a good faith effort to create a culture of compliance. The existence of a compliance program serves as a mitigating factor in sentencing. 

The compliance aspect of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines has been adopted as a best practice for organizations. The work of the Compliance Committee is informed by and modeled to meet those guidelines. You are encouraged to discuss compliance with the representative from your area if you have input, questions, or concerns regarding University compliance. 

Compliance Committee Membership

  • Chairperson: Carrick D. Craig, General Counsel
  • Vice Chairperson: Joan Beffel, Internal Auditor Senior, Internal Audit


  • Jason Barnes, Associate Director, Advancement Services
  • Richard Burton, Security Administrator Senior, Information Technology
  • Adriana Cardoso Reyes, Assistant Director, Institutional Accreditation/Planning
  • Margurite Clay, Director, Human Resources Services
  • Carrie Cumming, Registrar
  • Jayne Fraley-Burgett, Director, Disability Services for Students
  • Shashanta James, Director of Financial Aid/Scholarships
  • Anna Kniffin, Assistant Director, Financial Accounting/Reporting
  • Carol LaLonde, Assistant Director of Corporate Reporting and Taxation
  • Barry Olson, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs/Dean of Students
  • Lee Ryder, Director, Immigration Services
  • Jeff Stone, Deputy Athletic Director
  • Mark Weiss, Director, Environmental Health/Safety
  • Dr. Evelyn Winfield-Thomas, Executive Director, Institutional Equity
  • Norman Hawker, Professor, Faculty Senate
  • Felicia Crawford, Director Title IX Compliance
  • Julia Mays, Associate Director Research Compliance, Office of Research & Innovation
  • Gwen Bostic, Accessibility Compliance Specialist, Online Education

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