Grant Information and Instruction Sheet

Timing and deadline

Because funds are limited, proposals for events to occur within the current academic year should be submitted at the earliest possible date, and must be received at least six weeks prior to the date of the event. Because the committee only meets when it has proposals to consider, there are instances when a decision may not be possible until after the event takes place, but this will not prevent Cultural Events Committee funding support.

Proposals for the next semester or next academic year may be submitted at any time.

Preparing an application

A grant application needs to meet the guidelines and include the indicated materials and information listed below.

Required Information

  1. A description of the intended event (or series).
  2. Biographic information on any guest(s) involved.
  3. An acceptable budget outline (see below).
  4. A brief description of the event’s most likely audience.
  5. A brief description of how the event(s) will be promoted.
  6. A completed Grant Proposal Summary Page and Grant Proposal Endorsement Page.

Grant proposal application

Budget Guidelines and Requirements

  1. An itemized list of anticipated expenses is required. The list of expenses should include rental fees for facilities, equipment rental, expenses for guest performers/coaches (e.g., travel, lodging, meals, honoraria), event staff, advertising, printed programs, etc.
  2. A list of all possible funding sources is required. Each source should be marked either “confirmed” or “requested.” Also include income sources such as ticket sales, where such is known.
  3. It is presumed that significant funding from the presenting unit or organization will be included in the list of income sources. The presenter’s financial commitment must be demonstrated.
  4. Before seeking a CEC grant, the presenting unit or organization must also seek funds from other logical sources, such as academic departments and colleges, and external sources, where available. Multiple income sources impresses the committee and will make the application more likely to result in a favorable decision.
  5. It is important to remember that the Cultural Events Committee is a possible source of partial funding (i.e., less than 50 percent of total event cost). It cannot be the primary source of funding. The maximum grant request for a single event or series is $2,000.

Submitting an Application

Completed applications should be returned in campus mail to Kevin West, or be delivered to the main reception desk at 2132 Dalton Center. Applications can be submitted by email attachment to Kevin if they are scanned to include signatures.