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Wall x Paper: Contemporary Prints from the University Art Collection

Posted by Brandi Engel for Richmond Center for Visual Arts

Rooted in the belief that learning directly from art objects remains absolutely key, the main purpose of the print collection is to enrich the educational experience of Frostic School of Art students, faculty, and staff. A specialized sub-collection within the larger University Art Collection, the print collection was initiated in 1969 by Professor Emeritus Curtis Rhodes and today includes more than 800 works on paper or multiples. Originally housed in the School of Art’s previous home, Sangren Hall, the Collection relocated to the then newly built Richmond Center for Visual Arts in 2007. Professor of Art Nichole Maury, Curator of the print collection, assumed oversight of the print collection in the early 2000s and worked with graduate student Patrick Trimbath to rehouse and reorganize it. Developed to demonstrate an incredibly wide-ranging history of printmaking, including diverse processes, techniques, and aesthetics, the print collection continues to serve as a flexible and ever-evolving teaching device.

Co-organized by Tanya Bakija, MFA, and Katie Mumby, BFA, with initial support from Nichole Maury, Professor of Art, Frostic School of Art.

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 17 (All day) Wednesday, Jan. 18 (All day) Thursday, Jan. 19 (All day) Friday, Jan. 20 (All day) Saturday, Jan. 21 (All day) Wednesday, Jan. 25 (All day) Thursday, Jan. 26 (All day) Friday, Jan. 27 (All day) Saturday, Jan. 28 (All day) Tuesday, Jan. 31 (All day) Wednesday, Feb. 01 (All day) Thursday, Feb. 02 (All day) Friday, Feb. 03 (All day) Saturday, Feb. 04 (All day) Tuesday, Feb. 07 (All day) Wednesday, Feb. 08 (All day) Thursday, Feb. 09 (All day) Friday, Feb. 10 (All day) Saturday, Feb. 11 (All day) Tuesday, Feb. 14 (All day) Wednesday, Feb. 15 (All day) Thursday, Feb. 16 (All day) Friday, Feb. 17 (All day) Saturday, Feb. 18 (All day) Tuesday, Feb. 21 (All day) Wednesday, Feb. 22 (All day) Thursday, Feb. 23 (All day) Friday, Feb. 24 (All day) Saturday, Feb. 25 (All day)
Location: Albertine Monroe-Brown Gallery Richmond Center for Visual Arts
Kalamazoo MI 49008 US
Contact: Katie Mumby
Email for more information