Game Your Class Seminar

Kevin Abbott presenting in a forum about game design in the classroom

2014 Teaching with Technology Symposium. Kevin Abbott's keynote on game design in the classroom.


Understanding the world of game design and learning how to apply gaming principles to course content, can create engaging and playful learning experiences. 

This seminar will expose you to the theory and practice of game design. Course content will be evaluated to determine if a good fit for gaming exists, and the best gaming principles suited for that content. 

By deconstructing your course content, we can determine the most important concepts and information, and convert these into gameplay. Next, we will write game rules and player guidelines needed to effectively convey this content. We also build the game modules and test them (i.e., play!) to hone them into effective learning experiences. You are invited to explore this intriguing concept for your course, or course component. Start out small with just one learning activity in your course, or be ambitious and create multiple game elements.

Attendees will learn:

  • The core concepts, principles and practices of game design.
  • How to evaluate material and determine if it is appropriate for gaming.
  • How to choose the game dynamics that best fit the content.
  • How to choose a play configuration for the game.
  • How to develop rules and procedures for the game.
  • How to revise and iterate on their design to improve the game.

2018 Game Your Class seminar

Game Your Class schedule will be determined at a later date.

Please register and plan to attend all four days.