Contingency Planning

Western Michigan University fully intends to hold classes in person this fall while prioritizing public health and adhering to any related mandates that may still be in effect to stop the spread of COVID-19. This task force will analyze contingencies—strategies that allow WMU to continue offering classes in a variety of scenarios in which government or public health directives may constrain operations.


  • Recommendations to inform policy decisions (now)
  • Focused implementation plans (remainder of summer and fall)
  • Plans to respond to instructional disruptions (fall and beyond)

Three Strategies

Online only: Liaising with Joint Instructional Advisory Committee.

Alternative Semester Calendar

Late Start, Early Finish

On Campus—Social Distancing

Online, Large Classes Mix

On Campus—Social Distancing

With Transition to Remote/Online

Assignment: Recommend

  • Considerations for instructional mix for assigned strategy
  • Health and safety protocols related to instructional strategy
  • Necessary support services (to get prepared and during)
  • Emergency protocol parameters (responsive to change)

Committee Recommendations