Policy on Tate Center Advisory Committee


The Tate center advisory committee is a college-wide committee to help promote research, innovations and grants in Western Michigan University's College of Education and Human Development. The committee proposes initiatives, develops policies and helps administer the policies. The committee functions in an advisory role, advocating from faculty’s perspectives. All proposed initiatives and policies are subject to the approval of the dean of the college.


The committee is composed of one representative from each department of the college as well as the Frostic Endowed Chair and the research officer assigned to the college by the Office of Vice President for Research. The Frostic Endowed Chair convenes the committee.

Terms of service

Each department representative serves a three-year term beginning in the fall semester. The Frostic Endowed Chair and the research officer from the Office of Vice President for Research serve in the ex officio capacity for the duration of their appointments. The committee normally meets four times a year with additional meetings if needed.

Nomination and selection of the departmental representatives

The Frostic Endowed Chair notifies the department chair by Feb. 1 if a vacancy shall occur for the department by the following September. With faculty input each department chair nominates two candidates by May 1. The dean will select one representative based on the potential and achievement of the nominees in the research area as well as diversity of the committee.