Kenyon Arens, B.B.A.'92

Kenyon ArensFor 20 years, Kenyon Arens has worked at Silicon Valley based Oracle Corporation, the world's largest enterprise software company with over 500,000 customers worldwide. Arens is leading Oracle through the transformation from an on-premise software company to become the global market-leader for cloud computing.
As group vice president of Oracle's North American Cloud division, Arens leads a team of 150 people. His team has worked with some of the largest and most dynamic companies in the world—from innovative and disruptive startups such as Expedia, Booster, Teladoc and Twitter to established companies that include Amazon, Southwest, Nike, Shell, Halliburton, Visa and Bank of America, among thousands of others.
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    Plenary session

    Friday, November 4
    3:35 to 4:35 p.m.
    Kirsch Auditorium, Fetzer Center

    Join speakers for a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Alan Rea, professor of computer information systems, Western Michigan University.