Digital Transformation of Healthcare and Finance:

The Role of Blockchain, Fintech and AI

The conference brings together business leaders, academics, administrators and students from across the globe to exchange ideas and discuss challenges and opportunities—including the latest business, technology and healthcare trends. You are invited to attend the 2022 joint conference that focuses on recent advances in healthcare IT and financial technology (fintech), both of which will substantially impact businesses and society.

Cover of American journal of businessThe joint ICHITA and IT Forum conference, hosted by the Department of Business Information Systems at the Haworth College of Business, provides a setting for educators, students, professionals, employers and state and local governments to interact and exchange ideas about technology-related topics. It is designed to be a bridge between academia and practicing professionals. You are cordially invited to join us for this conference exploring the potential of blockchain, fintech and artificial intelligence.

  • Thursday, November 3: Pre-conference gathering
  • Keynote speakers.
  • Plenary sessions.
  • Career connect and networking, coordinated with the Zhang Career Center
  • Event project management and agile development workshop
  • Business analytics case competition
  • Cryptocurrency student panel discussion
  • Industry and academic speakers
  • Business Information Systems 40th anniversary celebration
  • Best research awards
  • Best practices, case analyses and research findings.
  • Opportunities for selected papers to be published in the special issue of the American Journal of Business.

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  • Healthcare analytics and big data 
  • Pandemic planning and management 
  • Smart health and well-being technology
  • Augmented reality in healthcare
  • Community EMR interoperability
  • Health information exchange and interoperability
  • Telehealth and telemedicine solutions 
  • Privacy and security issues in healthcare 
  • Wearable devices: design, adoption and outcomes
  • Big data, blockchain and fintech 
  • Regulatory challenges in fintech
  • Value creation in the blockchain economy
  • Internet of things   
  • The business value of blockchain 
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Prediction markets 
  • Digital payment solutions 
  • Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing
  • High-frequency algorithmic trading

Speakers and moderators

  • Kenyon Arens

    Group vice president of Cloud Native at Oracle

    Arens' bio

  • Sunday Bonifast

    Sunday Bonifas

    Faculty specialist at Western Michigan University

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  • Meghan Cole

    Meghan Cole

    Vice president for analytics and program management at Bronson Healthcare Group

    Cole's bio

  • Davaador

    Dr. Zagdbazr "Zag" Davaadorj

    Assistant professor of finance at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside

    Davaadorj's bio

  • Richard Hook

    Richard Hook

    Executive vice president and CIO at Penske Automotive Group, Inc.

    Hook's bio

  • David Hummelberg

    David Hummelberg, B.S.'85

    Retired financial services and information technology executive, public speaker and philanthropist

    Hummelberg's Bio

  • Javed Husain

    Javed Husain

    Co-founder of Streamline Healthcare Solutions

    Husain's Bio

  • Mei Lim

    Mei Lim, B.B.A.'93

    Senior IT Product Manager (Applications) at MESSA

    Lim's bio

  • Todd Mora

    Todd Mora

    Program director at WMU's Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness

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  • Reza Mousavi

    Dr. Reza Mousavi

    Associate professor of business information systems at WMU

    Mousavi's bio

  • Peter Pearce

    Peter J. Pearce, B.B.A.'92

    Principal at Baker Tilly

    Pearce's bio

  • David Polidori

    David Polidori, B.B.A.'03

    Senior vice president of engineering at Rocket Mortgage

    Polidori's Bio

  • Alan Rea

    Dr. Alan Rea

    Professor and co-director cybersecurity programs at WMU

    Rea's bio

  • Ray Ribble

    Ray Ribble, B.S.'84

    CEO and founder of SPHER, Inc.

    Ribble's Bio

  • Matt Ross

    Dr. Matt Ross

    Assistant professor of finance at WMU

    Ross's bio

  • Remzi Seker

    Dr. Remzi Seker

    Vice president for research and innovation at WMU

    Read more on LinkedIn

  • Carrie Song

    Dr. Carrie Song

    Assistant professor of business information systems at WMU

    Song's bio

  • Cindy Swiantek

    Cindy Swiantek, B.S.'84

    Vice president of sales at Vision Integration Technologies

    Swiantek's bio

  • Paul Vitantonio

    Manager of information technology at Bronson Healthcare Group

    Vitantonio's bio

  • Sima Yazdani, B.S.'82

    Sima Yazdani, B.S.'82

    Senior manager of data and analytics, knowledge discovery at Cisco

    Yazdani's bio

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