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Adapting to AI: The Changing Landscape in Cybersecurity, Education and Healthcare

The IT Forum promises to be an exciting mix of ideas, featuring an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, interactive technology workshops, student competitions and expert panel discussions. The event focuses on the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its capacity to redefine the boundaries of education, bolster cybersecurity and revolutionize healthcare.

You will have the unique opportunity to hear from leading voices, sharing their insights on integrating AI technologies to navigate the complexities of today’s digital world. Workshops are designed to offer hands-on experiences, equipping you with the latest tools. Student competitions will highlight innovative ideas and foster a spirit of creativity and collaboration within the next generation of tech leaders.

You will engage in thought-provoking panel discussions with experts in education, healthcare and cybersecurity, who will delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. These sessions are tailored to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how AI is shaping strategies, operations and policies across these critical sectors.

Join us on Friday, November 8

Connect with peers, gain new perspectives and explore the potential of AI to drive positive change. Whether you’re looking to enhance your expertise, discover emerging trends or contribute to the discourse on AI, this event will offer practical benefits to all participants. Join us in navigating the future—today!

Event highlights:

  • Keynote speakers (industry, government and academia)
  • Technology workshops with industry experts
  • Student competitions and career fair
  • Panel discussion on women in IT 

Keynote speaker announced

Laura Clark

Chief Information Officer, State of Michigan

Laura Clark serves as the chief information officer (CIO) for the state of Michigan, directing the state’s technology and security efforts. As deputy director for the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB), she also oversees operations for the department, which provides information technology, business and administrative services to state employees and stakeholders, as well as Michigan residents, visitors and businesses.

  • Professional photo of Laura Clark.

During her 20-year career in public service, Clark has embraced a hands-on, adaptable approach to leadership. Since being appointed as CIO by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, she has helped the state of Michigan achieve success through many initiatives, such as the launch of the award-winning Michigan Secure mobile app and successfully securing $20 million in critical cybersecurity funding from the Michigan Legislature for statewide security enhancements.

In her day-to-day work, Clark values the contributions of every person on DTMB’s 5,000-member team and has the unique ability to connect her sense of purpose and service with the overall work and mission of directing the state of Michigan’s technology and security efforts. She leads by example, seeking out opportunities that will allow those around her to succeed. Clark’s compassion, patience, experience and skills are helping DTMB—and the entire state—forge a successful path into the digital future.


Further details, including speakers are forthcoming. Contact us with questions about the conference agenda, sponsorship or career fair.