Mei Lim

Mei LimIn her 20 years of IT experience, Mei Y Lim, B.B.A.'93, has led teams on upgrades, systems integration and new system development projects mainly in the health insurance field. She has conducted presentations and facilitated retreats and workshops as a steering committee member for the Mid-Michigan Agile Group and vice president of programs and professional development at the Michigan Capital Area Chapter Project Management Institute.
  • Project management workshop information

    From Planning Poker to Affinity Estimation

    Thursday, November 3
    3 to 4 p.m.
    Schneider Hall, Hyflex Room

    You get an estimate before a mechanic fixes your car, right? What if you don't? You wouldn't know if you could afford the time or money! In the project world, estimates can be used for several purposes to evaluate a business case, assess feasibility, plan project costs and schedules and communicate with stakeholders. An estimate is a forecast of how much it will take to deliver specified requirements in terms of cost, effort, skills and duration or, conversely, how much functionality can be delivered for a given cost, effort, skills or duration. Planning Poker and Affinity Estimating are techniques used by agile teams to estimate work in projects. These techniques work well when a project is getting started or in preparation for planning releases. In this workshop, you will learn and practice these estimation techniques used by agile project teams.