• Student Recording Lab
  • a drumset in Western Sound Studios
  • Live Sound Reinforcement

The Multimedia Arts Technology (MAT) program offers training in digital media to assist in the production of cultural and commercial products in contemporary society. The program provides students with hands-on experience in audio engineering, creative projects with digital media, live-sound reinforcement, video production, and computer programming.

These experiences prepare students for work in technical and creative fields involving digital media, such as music and video production, live-event production, creative projects with digital media, and software development.

The program provides the flexibility for individual students to pursue their own goals, while providing core concepts and skills that form the basis for success in various industries. Each student receives direct faculty oversight in the conceptualization and creation of a portfolio unique to their skills, interests, and goals. 

The Multimedia Arts Technology program is part of the Irving S. Gilmore School of Music.