ISM student wins $6,000 scholarship

Contact: Rachel Travers
Photo fo WMU student Meriah Putnam.


KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Meriah Putnam, integrated supply management student at Western Michigan University, has been awarded the prestigious Transportation Club of Detroit scholarship for 2018. This annual award is given to top-performing students in the fields of transportation, traffic management and supply chain. This marks the sixth consecutive year that a WMU student has won this award.  

The $6,000 scholarship recognizes Putnam's scholastic achievements and exemplary character. She will formally receive her award at the Transportation Club of Detroit’s 35th annual scholarship awards celebration dinner in October where a total of $25,000 will be awarded to some of Michigan's top logistics and supply management students.

"She is exceptionally hardworking and has had two very successful internships with Whirlpool and General Motors," says Dr. Bret Wagner, associate professor of management. "She is an outstanding student and very much deserving of this honor."

Her dedication to go above and beyond to achieve success in her field has set her apart, adds Dr. Sime Curkovic, professor of management.

"Putnam's maturity and generosity commands respect. People gravitate toward her because she puts others ahead of herself and brings out the best in her peers," he says. "She has proven herself to be a hardworking and dedicated student. I know that she will go on to have a thriving career."

Meriah Putnam

Putnam chose integrated supply management because she wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself. She recognized that supply chain touches all aspects of business and is integral for success.

As a first-generation college student who is paying for college on her own, Putnam relies on loans and scholarships to receive her education.

"I knew that if I got the Transportation Club of Detroit scholarship, I would be able to study abroad in the Netherlands, and a huge financial burden would be lifted from my shoulders," she says. "When I found out I won, I was in shock. I am just so grateful that the scholarship committee saw something special in me. The scholarship truly means the world to me."

Putnam's hard work has paid off in other aspects of her life. She anticipates graduating spring 2019 and has already accepted a full-time position with General Motors.

"Without WMU, I would not be where I am today," she says. "My professors and mentors at WMU have helped lead to my success by believing in me and pushing me to be my absolute best."

About the ISM program

WMU's integrated supply management program has been recognized nationally by several organizations for its leadership in preparing students for careers in supply chain management. The program has recently been ranked No. 8 by Gartner's list of Top U.S. Supply Chain Undergraduate Programs. The integrated supply management curriculum emphasizes supply chain logistics, information technology, continuous improvement and engineering and requires students to acquire actual business experience through internships and classroom projects.

Learn more about WMU's integrated supply management program.

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