Welcome to the Western Michigan University policies website. All officially approved University-wide policies are displayed on this website.  Any copies (print or online) of policies that are inconsistent with the official version hosted on this site should be disregarded. The most current version of a policy will be found on this site.

This page is a work-in-progress and is updated frequently. Check back often to be sure you are using the most recent version of any related policy or document. This is not an exhaustive list of all University policies.

Note that any Policies on this page that have an Effective Date prior to March 14, 2018, were grandfathered into our policy review process.  These will be reviewed gradually and subject to the Policy on Policies and the stated process at that time.

The policies A-Z website is for policies that affect the University as a whole. Individual departments will have to make the determination themselves if they believe their policy is University-wide—that is done by reading the Policy on Policies document.

Use this Template to draft a new Policy