Weapons on Campus

Policy number16-05
Responsible officeBoard of Trustees
Enforcement officialPublic Safety
ClassificationBoard of Trustees Policy
Category16. Public Safety and Parking

Statement of policy

Western Michigan University is a weapon free school.  By order of the Board of Trustees:  "No person shall possess on university property any firearms or other dangerous weapons with the exception of police officers, transfer agents licensed to carry weapons and persons using any such weapons for class instruction when authorized by the dean of the appropriate college."

Any student, faculty member or other university employee violating this rule shall be subject to suspension or dismissal. Any person violating this rule may be subject to criminal prosecution. (Approved by Board of Trustees June 11,1971;administrative revisions 6/99)

Article IV: Proscribed Conduct, number 24 of the WMU Student Code also prohibits weapons on campus. Following is a list of weapons prohibited by either WMU, state law, or both and it is not inclusive.

  • Any firearm either long gun or handgun, or any device which fires any type of projectile utilizing gunpowder as a propellant.
  • Any bb or pellet gun, or device that fires a projectile using compressed air, co2, or other gas as a propellant.  This includes "airsoft" and paint ball guns.
  • No edged weapons. This includes any folding or fixed blade knives, daggers, dirks, swords, axes, machetes, bow and arrow or any other sharp object fashioned or used as such objects. Kitchen knives are allowed as long as they are used for the intended culinary purpose.
  • Pepper Spray or any chemical irritant that contains 10% or less of  oleorsin capsicum is permitted on campus property.
  • Martial arts devices such as: nunchucks, boken, throwing stars, throwing knives, bow staffs, Sai,tonfas, or any other device considered a dangerous weapon.
  • Stun gun or taser, or any device that produces electrical current intended to disable or injure a person either permanently or temporarily.
  • Any device made specific, crafted, or used with the intended purpose of causing harm to a person is prohibited.


Effective date of current versionJune 1, 1999
Date first adoptedJune 11, 1971
Proposed date of next reviewOctober 1, 2019