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Official status for social media pages

Only social media pages approved by the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications may be listed on any official University webpage, or print or electronic publication. Once approved, they may be listed on the webpages of a corresponding office, department or program.

Criteria for obtaining official status

  • The primary administrator of the page must be a WMU faculty or staff member. At least one other WMU faculty or staff member must have administrative access.
  • If anyone can post content to the page without administrator approval, the page must be monitored. The frequency with which the page must be monitored will vary with the volume of traffic, but should be at least once per day on most days.
  • One way of measuring the frequency with which a page is monitored is the frequency or regularity of new information posted by the administrators. While the frequency will vary depending on the nature of the page, pages that have clearly been abandoned will be removed from and lose their official status.
  • Official social network pages must comply with WMU's Visual Identity Guidelines and other standards adopted for such pages by the University.

WMU's Social Media Policy

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Questions about official status for social media pages should be directed to the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications.