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The Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare at Western Michigan University can be accessed through a paid subscription.

In an effort to improve the level of service to our online subscribers, we are migrating our online content to ScholarWorks at Western Michigan University.  This is a more stable platform, and it also provides access to the entire catalog of JSSW content from 1974 to the present.  Those of you who have current online subscriptions may realize that what we have been able to offer was a very limited selection of recent years of content.

Although some of our historical materials are available through Open Access, the most recent two years of the JSSW are only available by subscription.

Individual subscribers

Online access to the current issue of the Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare for subscribers is available. Please contact us to obtain a password to access the documents.

Institutional subscribers

Online access is available for institutional subscribers. Please contact us with your IP address to obtain access to the information.