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Biometrics Nutrition & Fitness Program

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This program focuses on lifestyle change. Your body will become leaner and stronger, causing you to burn more calories throughout the day. Your healthy eating plan will keep your calories easily accountable with various tasty food. Biometrics will give you a more positive self-image, increased energy and vitality, better posture and body shape, improved nutrition knowledge, proper food selection and preparation, and increased strength.

This six-week program includes the following:

  • Customized meal plan—designed by a dietitian
  • Tailored to individual taste and metabolic/caloric needs
  • Includes weekly shopping lists and breakdown of individual meals and snacks
  • Normal eating that focuses on portion size and frequency of eating
  • Pre/Post assessment
  • Circumference measurements
  • Personal training—One-on-one 30-minute sessions three times per week.

This program incorporates a strength training protocol to preserve muscle and stimulate metabolic/caloric expenditure and is designed to maximize fat metabolism. The average participant loses 18 inches in circumference measurements.

Biometrics follows the nutritional guidelines of the American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association, as well as the exercise recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine.

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Biometrics Feature

Video of West Hills Athletic Club's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness Program
  • Toni's Reflection on Biometrics

    West Hill’s Tyler Norman sat down with member Toni two years after completing the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program to get her reflections on the program.

    Toni did the six-week Biometrics program with her two good friends, Shanta and Evelyn. A self-described “junk food junkie,” Toni especially loved the program’s meal planning aspect. She cited “ Having shopping menus so that I didn’t have to think about anything” a great benefit to the program, and she still uses those menus to this day. Although she worked out with two friends, each friend had a menu customized to their own personal tastes, making it easy to stay on track with healthy meals.

    For Toni, working out with friends and becoming a part of the West Hills community through the Biometrics program has led to a long-lasting commitment to health. Toni notes that the staff at West Hills has impressed her with their dedication to their members' fitness. She has worked out with several trainers, and calls them knowledgeable, with expertise, skill and patience.

    “When I think about biometrics, I think of it as a holistic program. It's focused on working out and healthy eating, nutrition … for me, I think about it as alignment. Everything is aligned. And if you utilize the program … then you’re going to have the results.” And Toni’s results are in … during her time in the program she lost 10 pounds and even more inches — just wait until you see her reaction to the number!

  • Evelyn 1 year later
    Video of West Hills Athletic Club's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness Program


    West Hill’s Tyler Norman sat down with member Evelyn a year after completing the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program to get her reflections on the program.

    Evelyn did the six-week Biometrics program with her two good friends, Shanta and Toni. She summarizes the experience as engaging, energizing, enjoyable, and effective. The structure of the program and the guidance of Personal Trainer Dave Arrasmith lent themselves to the results that Tyler had promised. Dave was very focused with the group regarding the strength training portion of the system. He educated and gave guidance to ensure proper technique to avoid injury along with the benefits of the strength training portion of the program. “I, personally, didn’t realize how strong I became over time. So, just being able to lift more and more weight over time was actually pretty amazing.” Evelyn said. Throughout the program, she doubled her lower body strength and increased her upper by 85% in six weeks.

    The meal plan was comprehensive. It gave you options on what to eat, a list of what you shouldn't eat, alternatives in case you didn’t like something, along with the recipes to make the meal. “I realized that there was a lot of eating associated with this system, so, I was never hungry. I felt like at times that this was too much eating.” The water consumption was also more than what Evelyn usually drank. She could tell that it was very beneficial and made a difference. “Yeah, you just feel lighter and fresher!”

    A year later, Evelyn is still using the techniques she learned in the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness program to maintain the goals she has for her body composition. “That is what has been amazing about it!” She concludes by saying, “It is a great system. If you do the work, you get the results."

  • Chris—Biometrics Biggest Success to Date
    Video of Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness Interview with Chris and Drew


    Tyler Norman sat down with Chris and West Hills Personal Trainer Drew to celebrate Chris' success in the Biometric Nutrition and Fitness program. Chris' Biometrics results move him into the number one spot with the greatest success to date on the program!

    Chris came into West Hills looking for something to help as he had done many diets but kept gaining weight. "I was tired of it," Chris explains. Chris met Tyler and got him pumped about trying the Biometrics program. Chris teamed with Drew as his trainer. Drew taught him how to lift and supported him through the program. He said, "Without that accountability in coming in and seeing Drew on regular bases, I wouldn't have gotten to where I got."

    "The meal plan was fantastic!" Chris said. The meal was written out weekly and explained exactly what you needed to buy, what you needed to make, and how much to eat. He followed the plan and had tremendous results. Listen to his whole testimony below.

  • Kolby—Another success story with Biometrics!
    Video of Kolby's Experience with West Hills Biometrics


    Kolby is the latest person to talk with Tyler about her experience with West Hill's Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness system.

    "Overall, I loved the program and was very succesful on it. And I would encourage anyone that is looking into it to go for it!" Kolby said. She was looking for a program because she felt like she didn't have any energy, her pants wouldn't fit and would be out-of-breath just bending over to tie her shoe. She knew she had to find something to do. She liked the fact the the Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness combines the healthy eating with the personal training. Her personal trainer was Mike Wolf and she met with him three times a week for 30 minutes. He taught her how to use the machine in a correct matter and admits that she had been using them incorrectly for quite a while.

    She also didn't have any complaints about the food portion of the program. A huge list of options was given so she could eat what she wanted and what she liked. "The recipes were good!" Kolby stated. It was normal food that she ate. And the snacks were wonderful.

    "My clothes fit better. I actually see my waist again." she exclaims! But best of all she feels better.

  • Jacob's experience with Biometrics
    Video of West Hills Biometrics Jacob


    Tyler Norman sat down with West Hill's member Jacob to discuss his experience with Biometrics Nutrition & Fitness program. In six weeks, Jacob lost 20 lbs on Biometrics. Jacob stated, "I came in with no expectations and left very happy." "I had tried a lot of different things, and nothing had worked because I hadn't tried the two components together, exercise and healthy eating." Jacob is down four belt notches and lost 20 inches in total circumference measurements when you add them all together.

    The workouts went great. Jacob met with his trainer, Dave, three times a week at six a.m. in the morning. "It's got me on a more regular scheduled routine throughout my week.
    "It's been better for my overall mental health, not just my physical health."

    "Success doesn't mean two successful sets, success means showing up and putting in the hard work and being tired when you get out."

  • Gary's tremedous success on Biometrics.
    Video of Biometrics6


    West Hills members are having tremendous success using our Biometrics Nutrition and Fitness programs! Gary is our latest member to share his story with us.

    Tyler Norman sat down with Gary to talk about his experience. Gary has been a member of West Hills for three years and found that the old methods he had been using for years weren't giving him the success and strength gains he wanted. That is when his trainer, Angela, asked him if he had ever tried West Hill's Biometrics Program.

    Gary decided to learn more about this strength training and fat loss program. After hearing more about the program, he decided to give it a try. Gary and Tyler customize the meal plan to best suit his needs. Six weeks later, Gary reports, "I've seen extraordinary results!"

    Gary is an avid cyclist, both mountain and street bikes. He said, "…the strength portion of it, building of the muscles made an immediate impact in my riding." The program gave him endurance which has helped him achieve greater seat time with very little training, which he refers to as a NSVs (non-scale victory). Confidence, the way you feel, the energy gained, the quality of sleep are other NSVs of this program. He says weight loss is an added benefit of the program. "Actually, I think I've moved in four belt loops which is amazing." He went from working out two times a week for an hour to three times a week for only a half-hour with better results. "This is the most effective program that I've done—improvements in the way I eat and workout." "I would strongly recommend this to anybody that wants to change or transform how they feel and how they look," Gary said. He also mentioned that he was glad that this wasn't pitched to him as a weight loss program. It's more than that even though he lost 20+ inches in overall circumference. "The more unhealthy you get, the less you do… you can reverse that cycle, and Biometrics has done that for me—it changed how I live my life and is something I can sustain."