Close up of the West Hills sign on the building.

About Us


West Hills Athletic Club started as a privately owned 12-court tennis facility in the 1970s until Western Michigan University acquired it in 1998. West Hills membership is open to the community, and proud to be home to the Bronco men’s and women’s tennis teams. We are Kalamazoo's premier athletic club, with 10 indoor tennis courts, eight indoor pickleball courts, and more than 15,000 square feet of workout space.



  • Athletic club lobby

    Relax before the fire or the big-screen television with our complimentary coffee or tea.

  • Locker rooms

    Feel at home in our spacious, updated locker rooms. We provide large daily-use lockers ready for your own combination lock, as well as yearly locker rental. We have clean and bright shower facilities. Take a relaxing dip in our whirlpool or unwind in our sauna. Afterwards, use one of our vanity areas and leave the club looking as great as you did when you came in.

    Locker rental

    Get your combination to unlock convenience. For more information about locker rentals check call (269) 387-0410.

    Locker room etiquette

    Modesty policy

    Please be discreet and cover up with a towel in common areas or groom at the mirrors. Proper swimwear is required in the whirlpool. Cover up with a towel while in the sauna.

    Shared space

    Please share bench space and be aware of gym bags and personal items to not spread into high-traffic areas. 


    Lockers are available for daily use. Rental lockers are available for long-term use. The club is not responsible for lost, forgotten, or stolen articles; members should use lockers at their own risk. Please close the locker after use.


    Please place used towels in the bin provided. Do not leave towels in showers, on the floor, on chairs, or on benches.


    If you cut yourself shaving, please use a paper towel to stop the bleeding and dispose of it properly. Do NOT use West Hills towels.


    Do not leave anything in the shower after use. Please dispose of used band-aids, Qtips, empty toiletry containers, etc. Hair dye is prohibited.


    For the privacy of everyone, please do not use camera-equipped cell phones, cameras, or tablets in the locker rooms.

    Dry sauna

    Cover up with a towel in the sauna. Do not add water to the rocks. The sauna is a dry sauna and has a high-temperature limit switch set at 194 degrees for safety reasons. Any attempt to exceed this limit results in the sauna shutting down. Tampering with the sauna will result in the termination of your membership.


    Please wear proper swimwear during the use of the whirlpool. We ask that you please take a shower before use and do not add anything to the water! Water is sanitized with Bromine sanitizer and kept at a maximum temperature of 104 degrees. 

    Young children

    Children under 13 are not allowed in the whirlpool or sauna. Children under 13 years of age, adult accompanying, are permitted in the locker room only when changing for lessons/classes or using the restroom. Children age four and older are not allowed in the opposite-sex locker rooms. 

    Lost and found

    Items left in the locker room will be placed on the shelf above the coat rack for one week and disposed of afterward. Items of noticeable value will be placed at the front desk. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  • Massage therapy

    Soothe the tension of everyday stress or the pain of sports injuries with a therapeutic massage. Certified massage therapists are available on-site. For more information or to make an appointment, contact one of our massage therapists at the numbers listed to the right.

    Insurance coverage

    Your insurance carrier may cover your massage with no out-of-pocket expense for you. Call your insurance company today to find out if you receive this benefit.

    Reimbursement for WMU employees

    For more information, WMU employees can contact Blue Cross Blue Shield customer service at (800) 879-1945 or visit the Western Michigan University Human Resources' website.

  • Towel service

    Sweat and shower towels are available for use and located at the service desk. Full towel service is available.

  • Gift cards

    Give the gift of health and recreation with a Gift Card to West Hills Athletic Club. Our gift cards can be used towards any goods or services, including membership. Call (269) 387-0410 to purchase gift cards by phone or stop in to the club to purchase in person.