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Fitness Program

Fitness programs at West Hills

At West Hills Athletic Club, we’ll help you format a customized approach to fitness. Kalamazoo residents have fallen in love with our programs and take joy in getting and staying fit. No singular workout plan fits everyone, that’s why we provide several different fitness options, including personal training, weight management, small group training, Pilates Reformer, and a wide variety of group fitness classes.

Our fitness center also features the following:

  • Personal trainers
  • Individualized programs
  • Multipurpose functional training turf area
  • Platform for dead lifts and olympic lifting
  • Over 65 pieces of cardio equipment
  • Including Matrix S Drive, Matrix Magnetic resistance rowers, Matrix LCD touchscreen display treadmills with virtual active feature
  • Matrix Unilateral Plate loaded series
  • Two torque Spyder lab functional trainers
  • Magnum plate-loaded series
  • Magnum selectorized series
  • Complete free-weight setup
  • Indoor track
  • Another large training space on the side of the track with multiple cardio machines, TRX bands, and more.

For some of the most diverse programs in weight loss, personal training, small group training, and fitness—Kalamazoo residents come to West Hills Athletic Club.

New Equipment

  • Video of How to adjust the Matrix Rotary (Multi-Way) Hip Machine

    Matrix Multi-Hip Machine—How to adjust

  • Video of Rogue ISO Lateral Leg Press at West Hills Athletic Club

    Rogue ISO Lateral Leg Press

  • Video of How To Use The Belt Squats Machine

    Belt Squat Machine

  • Video of How To Use The High Row Machine

    High Row Machine

  • Video of How to use the Seated Hamstring Curl at West Hills Athletic Club

    Seated Hamstring Curl

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  • Individual squatting with a 50 lb dumbbell weight
  • Black lady looking in the mirror lifting weights