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Smart Start Weight Loss Program


Smart start nutrition package

30-minute consultation

  • Discuss your goals
  • Fill out a health history form
  • Receive your three-day food journal
  • Return your three-day food log to our fitness nutrition specialist.
  • Our fitness nutrition specialist will analyze your current intake of macro and micro-nutrients and create an action plan based on your goals.

60-minute consultation

  • A customized nutrition plan detailing an assessment of your nutritional status
  • A balanced action plan,
  • An activity tracking guide and general nutrition education.


Members: $199
Guest: $249 

Monthly maintenance membership ($60/mo):

Includes monthly macro and calorie assessment, Bi-weekly check-in meetings, and access to Evan for personalized nutrition advice.

Get started:

For more information about Smart Start, contact our personal trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Evan Kohler, or call (269) 387-0410; Smart Start program can be purchased at the West Hills' service desk.