• This is a long-distance photo of Javon Dobbs climbing a staircase in Heritage Hall. Javon is a hansom man with a carefully groomed beard and mustache. He's wearing a grey suit with a light purple tie. Heritage hall has been recently remodeled and everything looks stunning, orderly rows of hanging lamps, and beautiful sepia toned historical photos of Western Michignan University are hanging on the wall.

    Javon Dobbs

    Master's student, School of Public Affairs and Administration

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  • A group of students is shown studying in the education library of Sangren hall. A bearded man sits on the left and motions with his hand as he is speaking. A woman with long black hair and a teal colored laptop sits next to him.  In the center leading the group Is Yu Du, a graduate student from China.  Next to her are a man and a woman, both have books open as they discuss their subject.

    Yu Du

    Doctoral student in Evaluation, Measurement and Research

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  • a photo of Saif Alrafeek.  Saif is holding a piece of engineered bone which has square metal plates attached on each end.  Different bone repair materials will be attached to the bone, and then the sample will be stress tested with pulling and or crushing forces. The best repair materials may go on to be used in surgery repair with real bones.

    Saif Alrafeek

    Doctoral student in Mechanical Engineering

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  • A Geosciences student observes a variety of rock samples displayed in a display case.  Among the samples are purple and reddish naturally forming crystals.

    Sarah VanderMeer

    Doctoral candidate in Geosciences

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Four Graduate Programs are among the nation's top 50 in a recent U.S. News and World Report Ranking.  This image is of a number of multicolored stick figures, some of which are on podiums to show their top-ranked status

WMU offers world class graduate programs and faculty focused on learner-centered, discovery-driven and globally-engaged education.

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