WMU Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs

The Accelerated Graduate Degree Program pathways allow WMU undergraduate students the opportunity to enroll in graduate courses while still an undergraduate. During your senior year, students in the accelerated program may take up to 12 credit hours of graduate course work which also counts toward your undergraduate degree. 

Video of Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs (AGDP) - How It Works
  • Video of What's your advice to future students?

    WMU AGDP Program - Advice for Future AGDP Students

    Current engineering AGDP student, Logan, shares his advice for students who are considering applying for the AGDP program at WMU.

    What Students Should Know

  • Video of WMU AGDP Program - Overall Experience #2 V2

    WMU AGDP Program - Overall Experience

    Current communication AGDP student, Kaitlyn, describes her overall experience in the WMU AGDP program.

    My Overall Experience

  • Video of WMU AGDP Program - 3 Words to Describe AGDP

    WMU AGDP Program - 3 Words to Describe AGDP

    Current international development administration AGDP student, Cheng Kidd, describes what being a part of the WMU AGDP program is like.

    How I Would Describe the AGDP