Martin Luther King/César Chavez/Rosa Parks Future Faculty Fellowship

King/César Chavez/Rosa Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

This image is the logo for the King-Chávez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program. It is three Black Letters on a white background K C and P, the K is for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The C is for César Chávez, and the R for Rosa Parks. Each letter has the image of the face of each person on it with rays of light emanating out from each face shining through the backdrop of each letter. The words King-Chávez-Parks are written beneath the abbreviation.

About the King/Chavez/Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

The King ▪ Chávez ▪ Parks FFF program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger King ▪ Chávez ▪ Parks Initiative, designed to improve college graduation rates for students underrepresented in postsecondary education. The program is intended to promote inclusivity and diversity at the faculty and administrative level in colleges and universities in Michigan.

The purpose of this fellowship is to provide financial assistance to doctoral students during the final stage of dissertation completion. Degree must be completed within one year of receiving the first award distribution.

For more information please visit the State of Michigan Talent Investment Agency website.


The Graduate College, through the KCP FFF program, offers a one-year dissertation (SU II Session, Fall Semester, Spring Semester and SU I Session) completion award for doctoral students who have reached candidacy. This award of $25,000 will be allocated each semester (session) for $8,350 each semester and $4,150 each session. The award will be placed on the student’s account at the beginning of each term. Tuition and enrollment fees will be paid from the allocation; the remainder of the allocation will be issued to the student. This fellowship does not require departmental service, but will require an obligation to the State, if not completed this fellowship will convert to a loan and is subject to default rules.

Obligation to State of Michigan

Each KCP fellow agrees to obtain a doctoral degree within eight years from first enrollment in the program at WMU. The fellow will repay his/her KCP Fellowship liability to the State of Michigan in the form of teaching or administrative position (with special approval) at a postsecondary institution in the State of Michigan for the equivalent of three full-time years. A candidate must be willing to begin a part or full-time faculty teaching or administrative career in a public or private, two or four-year Michigan postsecondary institution within (1) year after obtaining the doctoral degree. Failure to comply with these requirements transforms the award into a loan obligation subject to repayment to the State of Michigan.

Application Process

Complete the attached application and provide documentation as required. Return application to Graduate College with copies of required documents.*

  • A 250 word educational and career goal statement linking your interests, academic preparation, teaching career focus, and current studies to your future teaching plans.
  • Vita or resume
  • A faculty letter of nomination must be submitted to from the program director or dissertation chair.

Faculty nomination

The Faculty nomination must include -

  • Significance of the dissertation research as it relates to the respective discipline
  • Student’s potential for success
  • Student’s academic or scholarly achievements
  • Student’s commitment to teaching in higher education.

Application deadline 

Applications are due by July 1, 2019 and must be delivered to the Graduate College, 117 W. Walwood Hall. An interview with the selection committee will be set-up after you return the application.

*We are required by the State of Michigan to obtain the original signed document. If you do not have a printer, we will be happy to send you a hard copy. We also have a copier available in our office to make copies of required documentation.

Martin Luther King/César Chavez/Rosa Parks Future Faculty Fellowship program application.pdf