Martin Luther King/César Chavez/Rosa Parks Future Faculty Fellowship

King/César Chavez/Rosa Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

This image is the logo for the King-Chávez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program. It is three Black Letters on a white background K C and P, the K is for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The C is for César Chávez, and the R for Rosa Parks. Each letter has the image of the face of each person on it with rays of light emanating out from each face shining through the backdrop of each letter. The words King-Chávez-Parks are written beneath the abbreviation.

About the King/Chavez/Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

The King ▪ Chávez ▪ Parks FFF Program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger King ▪ Chávez ▪ Parks Initiative. The purpose of the FFF Program is to increase the pool of academically or economically disadvantaged candidates pursing faculty teaching careers in post-secondary education. 

The intent of this fellowship is to provide financial assistance to doctoral students during the final stage of dissertation completion.

The terms of this award are determined by the State of Michigan Legislature, with funding through the annual Higher Education Appropriations. As such, the terms of the award are subject to change. While this fellowship does not require departmental service, it does require an obligation to the State in the form of teaching or administrative positions (with special approval) at a postsecondary institution for the equivalent of three full-time years.

For the latest information please visit the State of Michigan Labor and Economic Opportunity website.

Award Amount

The Graduate College, through the KCP FFF program, offers a one-year dissertation (Fall Semester, Spring Semester and SU I Session) completion award for doctoral students who have reached candidacy. The total awarded amount changes based upon the number of students who are selected to receive the award and the dollar amount that is allocated to WMU from the State of Michigan. Awards typically average around $25,000 but is based upon several factors. The total award amount will be allocated evenly between Fall, Spring and the Summer I session.  This award will be placed on the student’s account at the beginning of each term. Tuition and enrollment fees will be paid from the allocation; the remainder of the allocation will be issued to the student. This fellowship does not require departmental service, but will require an obligation to the State; if not completed, this fellowship will convert to a loan and is subject to default rules.

Any tuition award you receive will reduce the cost of your educational expenses and may reduce the amount of other financial aid or loans for which you are eligible. You will need to contact Bronco Express to discuss any impact receiving this award would have on your financial aid.

Obligation to State of Michigan

Each KCP fellow agrees to obtain a doctoral degree within eight years from first enrollment in the program at WMU. The fellow will repay his/her KCP Fellowship liability to the State of Michigan in the form of teaching or administrative position (with special approval) at a postsecondary institution for the equivalent of three full-time years. A candidate must be willing to begin a part or full-time faculty teaching or administrative career in a public or private, two or four-year postsecondary institution within (1) year after obtaining the doctoral degree. Failure to comply with these requirements transforms the award into a loan obligation subject to repayment to the State of Michigan. Review the State of Michigan Awardee Obligations.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for this fellowship an applicant must be academically or economically disadvantaged as defined by the State of Michigan. Please review the KCP Eligibility Statement and if you qualify, you must return a copy of this required form with supporting documentation.

Application Process

The following five items must be completed and submitted as part of your application.  An interview with the WMU KCP Selection Committee will be set-up after all five items are received.

  1. State of Michigan KCP-FFF Eligibility Statement
  2. WMU-KCP-FFF application
  3. A 250 word educational and career goal statement linking your interests, academic preparation, teaching career focus, and current studies to your future teaching plans.
  4. Vita or resume
  5. A faculty letter of nomination from the program director or dissertation chair must be uploaded in at

Faculty nomination

The Faculty nomination and letter of recommendation must include -

  • Significance of the dissertation research as it relates to the respective discipline
  • Student’s potential for success
  • Student’s academic or scholarly achievements
  • Student’s commitment to teaching in higher education

Application deadline 


The application will need to be submitted through the State of Michigan online portal, but first you need to create your MI account online at MILogin - Login (

For help with creating your account, please review.

Initial instructions for the KCP FFF Application are here.



If you have questions about the application process for this award, please contact Tony Dennis