Graduate College Mission

The Graduate College, as the institution's primary advocate for graduate study, strives to nurture and preserve academic excellence by taking the lead in shaping graduate policy, assisting faculty in guiding and mentoring graduate students, and integrating services that support students in becoming accomplished and ethical scholars, researchers and practitioners in their disciplines of study.


  • Help develop, nurture, and sustain high quality programs of post-baccalaureate study.
  • Uphold standards and policies for graduate study.
  • Assist with resources that will allow the recruitment, support, and graduation of a diverse body of graduate students.
  • Foster an ethical academic community responsive to the needs of a pluralistic society.
  • Promote a student-centered research and learning environment.
  • Encourage a synergy between research and education that results in the discovery of new knowledge, insights, and the development of creative expression.


  • Support doctoral, master's, specialist's and certificate programs provided at the main and regional sites.
  • Incorporate participation from diverse individuals in decision-making.
  • Provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students through special programming and funding for research, creative projects and presentations at conferences.
  • Work to encourage diversity within the various programs.
  • Provide consultation in the development of new academic programs.
  • Provide support services to assist students toward timely completion of degree programs through regularly scheduled workshops and programs.
  • Prepare graduate assistants and doctoral associates for their roles as teachers and researchers by offering initial training, an advanced course on teaching, and seminars on ethics in research.
  • Develop academic policies designed to uphold standards and facilitate success for enrolled students.
  • Participate in the systematic academic program planning process at the University.
  • Promote appropriate use of technology in the teaching and learning process.
  • Recognize the achievements of graduate students with annual awards for teaching and research excellence.
  • Assist faculty in achieving mentoring roles with graduate students.
  • Oversee the appointment of members to the graduate faculty.
  • Promote visibility of graduate education at WMU in local, regional and national arenas.