Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs

Accelerated Graduate Degree Programs (AGDPs) allow eligible students the opportunity to complete a graduate degree in less time because the student may begin taking graduate courses while still an undergraduate. During their senior year of their undergraduate careers, students in the accelerated program may take up to 12 credit hours of graduate course work which also counts in their credits toward their undergraduate degree. Once they enter graduate school, they're able to quickly move through their master's or doctoral degree requirements because they've already taken several graduate classes.

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More information is available through the Registrar's Office at

Here are some helpful tips for successfully navigating the AGDP process. Still have questions? 

Not certain which of your students are AGDP-eligible? Follow these instructions to generate a Cognos report to identify who may qualify for your accelerated program.


Wondering what to send your students once you have identified them? Personalize this generic email message!


A checklist serves as a helpful outline of the steps involved in the AGDP process.


When submitting an Application for Admission, please direct students to apply to an Accelerated Graduate Degree Program through the Graduate Application Portal by choosing the Degree-Seeking graduate application. Then select the Accelerated option to apply to an accelerated program, for example, History - MA Accelerated.