Graduate Student Travel Grant

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Graduate Student Travel Grants (2018)

Purpose: The Graduate Student Travel Grants (GSTG) are established to support graduate students engaged in independent scholarly research, scientific inquiry, inventive technology, and artistic/creative activity. The grants support graduate student travel to meetings or events sponsored by professional organizations for the purpose of reporting the results of their research, exhibiting or performing creative works or otherwise disseminating results of their scholarly activity. These grants do not cover conference attendance for other purposes (e.g. as a non-presenting attendee or workshop participant.)

WMU graduate students may receive a maximum of two Research Grants, or two Travel Grants, or one of each grant type at each degree level: Ph.D./master’s/specialist.

Note: The typing of theses, dissertations, and project paper, as well as the purchase of computers or supplies and equipment commonly provided by departments or by other existing grants or funds do not qualify as legitimate budget expenses under a GSTG.

Award Amount: Grants range up to $700 ($900 for travel to Alaska and Hawaii)

Eligibility - WMU graduate students MUST be:

A. Admitted to a graduate degree program
B. In good academic standing (3.0 GPA)
C. Enrolled full time in the semester that the application is made (one credit hour only if at dissertation/thesis hours)
D. The invited presenter via a letter/email of invitation from the conference/exhibit officials
E. The sole or principal investigator of the research project (PI) but for the purposes of research compliance, listed as student investigator, author or performer of the artistic/creative activity and the individual invited or selected to make the presentation

WMU graduate students MUST provide:

F. Documentation of approval on University letterhead for any project involving regulatory oversight: human subjects; animals; biohazards; DNA (Applications will not be considered without this documentation)

Guidelines for the Application Process -Applicants MUST:

3. Guidelines for the application process : 
The application process for the Graduate Research and Travel grants is currently under revision.  Please check back for information about deadlines and how to apply.  

Page updated June 21, 2018