WMU-GEP Fellowships

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Western Michigan University Graduate College Graduate Education and the Professoriate Fellowship

Western Michigan University Graduate Education and the Professoriate (WMU-GEP) Fellowship

WMU-GEP Fellowshipsare available to all U.S. citizens including those who represent diverse communities of underrepresented students (first generation, students with disabilities, other underrepresented groups) who have secured regular admission to a doctoral degree program in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) or SBE (sociology, political science, psychology, or economics) area. The GEP Fellowship is competitive and awarded to exceptional students who seek a pathway to broadening diversity within the professoriate. 

Deadline to apply: Feb. 19, 2025 before 5 p.m.

Application: online application will open in spring semester

Eligibility Requirements

  1. To be eligible for a WMU-GEP Fellowship, applicants must a) possess United States citizenship; b) secure admission to a doctoral degree program (see #2 below) in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) or SBE (social sciences, behavioral sciences, or economics) area. In addition, the student should reflect a high level of commitment to the program and a deep interest in pursuing a teaching or corporate/research career in his or her respective discipline.

  2. To apply for the WMU-GEP Fellowship, an application for admission to a doctoral level program must be submitted to the University along with all required transcripts. Admission to a graduate program is not required for students to apply for the Fellowship; however, admission is required for students to be awarded the Fellowship.

  3. The applicant must include, with the application, two letters of recommendation, preferably from two former instructors or professors acquainted with their academic abilities, who can comment on the applicant’s potential for graduate study in a doctoral program.

  4. The applicant must compose a personal statement to attach and submit with the application. Applicants are encouraged to share their experiences with race, diversity, or disability discrimination and describe attributes, experiences, and background that uniquely place them in a position to contribute to education and the professoriate in unique ways to build communities that are diverse and equitable for all.

  5. A completed application, containing all requested information and including any required supplemental materials, must be submitted to the Graduate College. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed (including those submitted without reference letters or with no transcripts on file at the University).

Award Details

A WMU-GEP Fellow will receive one year (Fall, Spring, Summer I and Summer II) of funding. The fellowship includes a stipend (see details in the application) plus 24 credit hours of tuition (up to nine credit hours in the fall and spring semesters, and up to three credit hours in each of two summer sessions). Your letter of award will constitute a contract for the stipend amount. WMU-GEP fellows will receive tuition for program-approved courses up to nine credits each in Fall and Spring sessions and three credits in Summer I and in Summer II sessions for a total of 24 credits per academic year.


The Fellowship includes a service requirement of ten hours per week while on appointment. Your service assignment will be provided by the Graduate College.


Based on certain conditions, the Fellowship may be renewed up to four additional years. To maintain the fellowship, the student must: a) be in good academic standing (3.00 GPA or above); b) register for at least six credit hours each fall and spring semester and three credit hours each summer I and summer II session; c) receive a positive Annual Review; d) have no incomplete grade lasting longer than one semester/session; e) submit an outline for completion of the program, and, f) complete an updated course outline and request for renewal each year.


If you have questions about the application process for this award, please contact Tony Dennis

*This fellowship is subject to change due to budgetary constraints in any given award cycle.