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This image is the logo for the W M U Graduate Plan It Forward initiative. The initiative arranges helpful content into the four following areas: Academic, career, Finiancial, and Engagement. The image is divided up into four equal quadrants with different background colors. The upper left is Academic with a red background, the upper right is Career with a blue background, the lower left is Financial with a purple background, and the lower right is Engagement with a green background. In the middle is a large W, which is the W M U branding logo. At the top in the center is the word Graduate, and at the bottom center are the words Plan It forward. All of the Plan it Forward words are in gold type with a small black outline to make them stand out better in front of the various background colors. The word Forward is spelled with the number four instead of the first three letters of forward, and the w in forward is a little W M U branding W.

Appointee information

Graduate College SharePoint (Grad Share)

Many of the items on this page have been migrated to our new SharePoint site.  The Graduate College SharePoint site (Grad Share) is accessed with your BroncoNET ID and password.  Contact Malia Roberts with any Graduate SharePoint related questions. 

Graduate appointee rate sheets

2020-21 rates (effective Fall 2020)

General appointment information 

a photo of a faculty memeber looking over the sholders of two student who are seated at computers in a computer lab. She is pointing at a computer monitor and explainging something as the two seated women watch and listen.



Forms for students on graduate appointments who need permission for the following actions are found on the Graduate College forms page: 

  • Delayed Tuition Remission Waiver 
  • Elect Extended University Program off-campus and online courses for inclusion in graduate program of study
  • Elect 3000/4000 level courses for inclusion in master's degree program
  • Under-enrollment

Dissertations and theses

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Graduate policies

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