Graduate Opportunities for Learning and Development (G.O.L.D.)

Graduate Opportunities for learning and development (G.O.L.D.)

Following are many resources that can help you succeed in five critically important aspects of your graduate school experience.

Financial | Academic | Well-being | Career | Engagement

There are many ways graduate students can plan for a successful and fruitful career. One is through the development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Click here to access WMU’s IDP tool.

Graduate student life will probably feel different than undergraduate life. Graduate education is more focused on a specific discipline and often provides a more intense academic experience, requiring you to construct knowledge, be self-directed, and actively participate. In addition, faculty will expect you to seek out your own resources and generally assume that you have the needed background knowledge to succeed. You will be expected to be more independent and b. Adapting to the larger amount of reading, new ways of thinking, and added pressures of research and writing can be overwhelming to students at times. You are not alone—faculty, staff, and peers are available for support, but you do need to seek it out and ask.

Below are some suggestions and links to resources available at WMU and beyond. 

  • Complete the WMU online orientation for new graduate students 
  • Become familiar with your academic department and college staff and resources 
  • Develop a strong relationship with your faculty advisor and set up regular appointments. 
  • Learn what to expect out of an advisor or mentoring relationship. 
  • Get to know other students and faculty in your department 
  • Attend workshops offered by the Graduate College and your program that promote your academic success. 
  • Get involved in a professional association related to your discipline 
  • Become a part of GSA or another student organization related to your discipline 
  • Connect with peers and form a study group 
  • Get to know a librarian 
  • Consider complementing your degree with the WMU Signature.