Graduation Information for Graduate Certificate Programs

Application for Graduation Process

Apply for graduation through GoWMU:

  1. Log in to GoWMU.
  2. Expand the "All Links" header.
  3. Click the down arrow to expand the “Academic Services” header.
  4. Select “Application for Graduation.”
  5. Follow the prompts.

If you are using the new goWMU, log in with your Bronco NetID and password at

  1. Click the "Apps" navigation item in the top menu bar.
  2. Scroll down to the “For students” app list and select the “Application for Graduation" link. 
  3. Follow the prompts.

You can also find the application by using goWMU's search bar. Simply search “graduation” and click the article. 

In order to complete your graduation audit, a program of study (also known as the graduate student permanent program) must be on file in the Registrar's Office.  Please make sure your department has forwarded the original program and any updates to the Registrar’s Office (Mail Stop 5256).

 Applications must be submitted by the deadlines stated below. You may change your graduation date at any point after the audit has been completed without paying an additional application fee.

Application for Graduation deadlines

  • April graduation deadline: October 1
  • June graduation deadline: February 1
  • August graduation deadline: February 1
  • December graduation deadline: February 1

Application for Graduation Fee

A $55 fee will be applied to your student account when the application is submitted through GoWMU.

Additional information

No commencement ceremony will be held for students receiving a graduate certificate independent from a degree.