Academic calendar

Academic calendars include important dates for each semester, including registration dates, refund dates, withdrawal dates, finals, midterm grading, final grading and more.

Academic calendar
Days classes meet

Dates classes meet are outlined in this calendar.

Days classes meet
Final examinations

Fall and spring semesters

Final examinations are scheduled during the last week of the semester. Regularly scheduled classes are not held during this week. Please refer to each class syllabus for the exact day and time.

Summer I and II sessions

Final examinations are scheduled during regular class meeting times.

Final examination calendar 
Important dates for faculty and staff

This calendar provides an overview of the specific semester and annual dates of importance to faculty and staff.

Important dates for faculty and staff

The University is a diverse, multicultural enterprise and—as a community—we jointly embrace both individual responsibility and dignified respect for our differences. It is our general policy to permit students to fulfill obligations set aside by their faith.

One Stop Center

The One Stop Convenience Center is temporarily assembled on the second floor of the Bernhard Center each fall semester.

One Stop calendar

Priority registration is available first for students who have accumulated the most completed credit hours. Use the registration schedule to determine when you may register for courses. Incoming freshmen will register for classes during New Student Orientation.

Registration calendar

These calendars give an overview of the start and end dates for each semester. Semester breaks and a tally of the number of days for classes meeting each day is included.

University calendar