Third Party Authorization

We recognize that families provide a great deal of financial and emotional support to their children while they are students at WMU.  However, we must balance this recognition with the fact that WMU students are legally adults and their legal rights must be fully respected, particularly with concern to their privacy rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

WMU students have the ability to grant access to third-party individuals to view certain academic and financial aid information. In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, student financial and academic records may not be shared with a third party without written consent.

There are two types of third-party access available:

Authorized User for Accounts Receivable

This access allows a student to give users access to view their WMU Billing account and make payments. Because of the payment options, this account requires a separate username and password.  Instructions to create an authorized user for viewing bills and making payments can be found on the Accounts Receivable page.

Proxy User for Academic and Financial Aid 

This access, also known as "Proxy Access", allows the student to give their parent or other third party user access to view the following academic and financial aid information:

  • Enrollment Verification
  • Midterm Grades
  • Final Grades
  • Concise Student Schedule
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Financial Aid Requirements
  • Financial Aid Award for Aid Year
  • Financial Aid Payment Schedule

Please note: Information can only be viewed, not edited.  In order to grant authorized user access to financial aid information, students must voluntarily consent to participate in electronic transactions. Students can modify or cancel their electronic authorization and consent at any time by contacting Bronco Express.  

See setup instructions for proxy access