Classroom Reservation Information

Academic course scheduling

Academic course scheduling is completed three times per year, up to a year in advance. The Registrar's Office, along with the departments, is responsible for locating and assigning classroom space for each course offering. Academic courses are assigned first and take priority.

For all room scheduling needs apart from regularly-scheduled courses, please complete the online form

Registered student organizations

All RSO academic room reservation requests must be requested at least five days prior to the scheduled event.

The person making the reservation is considered to be the responsible individual representing the sponsoring organization, department or Registered Student Organization and should adhere to all policies and procedures. The responsible individual who has requested the reservation is responsible for assuring members of the sponsoring organization, department or RSO understand and agree to all facility use policies. The responsible individual is accountable for cancelling the reservation in a timely manner, if necessary.

Please note: We will not be able to provide a room until your registration is complete and your RSO name appears on the Organizations Directory. As a reminder, the deadline to register is October 1.

Room size and configuration

Seating capacity has been determined in accordance with state and city safety regulations. Furniture is not to be moved from one room to another without approval of the building coordinator.