Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

When a student satisfactorily completes all academic requirements for a degree, fulfills all financial and legal obligations to the University, and meets all relevant processing deadlines, the student is eligible for graduation and to receive the appropriate degree. An eligible student may graduate at the end of a semester or a session - in December, April, June, or August; however, a Commencement ceremony is held three times per year, following the fall, spring, and summer I terms.  Students will only be allowed to participate in commencement if they are on track to complete their degree requirements by the end of the semester. 

Students should contact their academic advisor to receive approval to submit an application for graduation. Once cleared, students may apply in goWMU. The deadlines for submitting the application are listed below:

  • April graduation deadline: October 1
  • June graduation deadline: February 1
  • August graduation deadline: February 1
  • December graduation deadline: February 1

Graduation Audit

The graduation audit, initiated by the submission of the Application for Graduation Audit form, is a process by which a student's academic record is examined to make sure all University obligations and all academic requirements for the degree have been met. The audit is conducted by a graduation auditor in the Registrar's Office, and its outcome depends on the completeness and appropriateness of the materials contained in the student's academic record.