A drop is initiated by the student prior to census. Students can drop courses online through GoWMU. No documentation is required, but the student is encouraged to consult with the instructor, academic advisor, and financial aid advisor before dropping the class. Dropped courses do not appear on the student’s transcript.

A 24-hour grace period is provided to students who drop a course that meets for the first time on or after the end of the drop/add period. Students dropping a class within 24 hours of the start date should contact the Registrar's Office to make sure they receive the correct refund.


Two types of withdrawals are possible—student-initiated withdrawal and hardship panel-approved withdrawal. Courses from which the student withdraws will appear on the student’s transcript with a non-punitive W grade. The student’s GPA will not be affected.

Students may not withdraw from courses or programs when any unresolved academic integrity charge exists or to avoid any academic penalty resulting from an academic integrity violation for which the student is found responsible. If a student has been found to have withdrawn from any or all courses or programs to avoid an academic integrity charge the student will be re-enrolled so that any such charges may be resolved.

Student-initiated withdrawal

A student may withdraw from one or more courses without academic penalty online through GoWMU. This can be done from the end of the open registration until the last date for student-initiated withdrawal. No documentation is required, but the student is encouraged to consult with the instructor, academic advisor and financial aid advisor.

Withdrawing through GoWMU

  1. Log in to GoWMU.
  2. Expand All Links by clicking the down arrow.
  3. Expand Registration by clicking the down arrow.
  4. Choose Add/Drop classes.
  5. Select the current semester/session from the drop-down box and click Submit.
  6. Navigate to the appropriate class and then choose the Withdraw option from the Action column drop-down selection.
  7. Click Submit.

Need help? Watch the quick how-to video linked below:

Video of How to withdraw from a class

Withdrawing with a hold

Students with a registration hold will be unable to withdraw through GoWMU. If a hold exists—other than an academic integrity hold—the student may request a withdrawal in person at the Registrar's Office or in writing to registrar-info@wmich.edu using their WMU assigned email address.

Hardship panel-approved withdrawal

Withdrawal from a course at any time after the end of the student-initiated withdrawal period will only be permitted through the hardship panel withdrawal process of GAPDAC. Providing documentation as to the nature of the hardship is required.

The hardship panel will determine if a hardship exists and whether a withdrawal is warranted. The decision of the hardship panel is final and not subject to further appeals. Hardship petitions will not be accepted more than one year after the end of the term or session for which the hardship was documented, except for documented and exceptional circumstances. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the University Ombudsman before initiating a hardship-based withdrawal appeal.

Learn more about the University Ombudsman
Please note:
Open Learning courses may have extended withdrawal deadlines. Please contact the Registrar's Office for more information.