George and Beatrice Fisher Gerontology Dissertation Prize

George and Beatrice Fisher Gerontology Dissertation Prize

a photo of a professor and a visually impaired student examining what a sculpture. The student has her hand on the sculpture and is feeling the relief carving of the piece of art. It's difficult to tell what the sculpture is from the angle the photo is taken, it may be a small owl, or something entirely abstract.

This annual award recognizes doctoral dissertations that best advance the study and understanding of issues that surround the process of aging and elderly populations. The $1000 prize may be awarded in any discipline or field.

This area of interest is broad and could include research not directly conducted on elderly populations that could be applied to the treatment of diseases associated with the process of aging. Some examples include disease progression in animals or the development of potential pharmacological treatments that could enhance quality of life/longevity in elderly populations. Oral history projects centered on the experiences of elderly adults are also welcome. Both qualitative and quantitative research modalities are welcome.

Deadline to apply: April 2, 2025 before 5 p.m.

Online application is not yet available.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Candidates must be in good academic standing.
  • Candidates must be currently enrolled in Doctoral Dissertation 7300.

Letter of Support

A Letter of Support will be needed by the student's advisor, the department/graduate program advisor or the department chair. Instructions for identifying the person to write a letter of support is detailed in the online application. 


If you have questions about the application process for this award, please contact Diana Berkshire-Hearit