Patricia Lee Thompson Dissertation Award

 a photo of a woman in a red formal dress singing in front of an orchestra dressed in black at Western Michigan University

The Patricia Lee Thompson Dissertation Award is awarded annually to assist with dissertation completion. Award monies may be used for any costs associated with dissertation completion. The successful applicant will be within one year of completion of the dissertation.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees must have a Dissertation Proposal Approval Form (Please do not submit the proposal) and a Doctoral Candidacy Form filed with the Graduate College, and must (a) be in good academic standing; (b) be an enrolled WMU graduate student; (c) have met the residency requirement, (d) if applicable: be enrolled full time in two consecutive semesters in an academic year; enrollment in both summer sessions is equivalent to one semester; (e) demonstrate progress toward degree completion; (f) have completed successfully all comprehensive examinations; and (g) have completed all required course work for their doctoral degree.


The application for the Patricia Lee Thompson Dissertation Award is currently under revision.  Please check back for deadlines and how to apply.

Page updated: June 21, 2018