Kalamazoo College and WMU Accelerated Programs

Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University 4 +1 Master's Programs

Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan University 4 + 1 Master's Programs

Earn your Bachelors Degree from Kalamazoo College and your Master's Degree from Western Michigan University in five years. Apply up to 12 undergraduate credits-by-examination and transfer credits from Kalamazoo College toward one of the following programs: 

Applied Economics  (M.A.)
Department of Economics

Comparative Religion (M.A.)
Department of Comparative Religion

Educational Foundations (M.A.)
Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

Political Science (M.A.)
Department of Political Science


This image is primarily a large brown arrow that starts on the left hand side of the image, does a loop and heads up towards the top of the image. At the start is the Kalamazoo College logo which is made up of a large Orange Letter K with the Kalamazoo College Hornet mascot on it and Kalamazoo College written below. Near the top of the large brown arrow is the Western Michigan University W logo. The W is a large gold W with thin brown trim around the outside with Western Michigan University Graduate College written below. The arrow signifies the start of a person's educational journey at Kalamazoo college where they would earn a Bachelors degree, and then progress to Western Michigan University to earn a Master's degree.